Sound Tubes for ReSound / HCR


You will receive 5 tubes in a package. If you select both sides from the drop down menu, you are ordering 2 packages and will therefore receive 10 tubes.

Sound Tubes will work with the following manufacturers:

Find information and links to Domes and Batteries below the Sound Tube information.

This tube fits the following hearing aids:
ReSound Pulse
ReSound Air 60+
Matching Domes

ReSound Domes


Factory Original Replacement Domes

Comfortable and non-occluding! Use these domes with Sound Tubes, Thin Tubes and Flex Tubes to make a slim-tube Earmold.

These domes will fit all ReSound/ Siemens/ Rexton/ MA/ Van/ Ziv Sound, Thin and Flex Tubes. These domes slide over the end of the ear canal end of the Tubes. Although the Domes fit snugly on the Tubes they are easy to get on and off. To get the size you need, measure the widest diameter of dome in millimeters.

These domes come five to a package (5) and are available in numerous diameter sizes.

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