How to Choose the Best Rechargeable Hearing Aid for You

Rechargeable hearing aids are becoming increasingly popular among those suffering from hearing loss. With rechargeable hearing aids, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to order battery replacements, and you don’t have the continued expense of buying batteries. When a rechargeable battery runs out of juice, all you have to do is plug it in! 
But how do you choose the best rechargeable hearing aid for your lifestyle? In the video below, our care specialist, David, shows you our line of rechargeable hearing aids and explains the differences between the models. We've also included tips below to help you in your search! And for a limited time, you can click here to shop our sale on rechargeable hearing aids!
Whether you are considering making a switch from battery-operated hearing aids to rechargeable or you are pondering your first hearing aid purchase, we have some recommendations on choosing a rechargeable hearing aid that meets your needs.

1. Assess Your Hearing Loss

Is your hearing loss classified as noticeable? Significant? Severe? If you haven’t had your hearing tested, use our Online Hearing Check and find out where you fall on the scale. You will need to know the level of hearing loss you are experiencing before you begin the search for an appropriate hearing aid. 
Some hearing aids are only meant for minor hearing loss, while others are made for more severe cases. There are also rechargeable hearing aids that are flexible in the hearing loss levels they are appropriate for, like our HearClear HCR3 Rechargeable Hearing Aid, which accommodates a wide range of hearing loss levels, from noticeable to severe. However, if you are on the severe end of the hearing loss spectrum, you will need a power upgrade with the hearing aid to enhance its effectiveness. 

2. Think About Your Lifestyle

Ask yourself plenty of questions about how you will be using your rechargeable hearing aid in your daily life before you make a purchase. Will you be using your hearing aid in primarily noisy areas, like in restaurants or public places, or will you be using your hearing aid in quiet environments, for example, at home or in one-on-one conversations? 
Choosing the best rechargeable hearing aid relies, in part, on you understanding your own lifestyle and your needs. Before you make a purchase, assess your lifestyle and have a clear idea of what you want out of your rechargeable hearing aid. How can a rechargeable hearing aid improve your everyday life?

3. Consider Your Budget

When considering rechargeable hearing aid options, you will want to know how much you can afford to spend and what options are available to you. Hearing aids can be expensive sometimes running thousands of dollars  but keep in mind that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get high-quality hearing aids. 
There are affordable hearing aid brands that won’t empty your wallet. The HearClear HCR3 Rechargeable Hearing Aid is an example of a quality hearing aid that is available at an affordable price.

4. The Features are Important

Does the rechargeable hearing aid you’re considering feature noise cancellation? What about programmable memory settings? Volume control and feedback reduction? The HCR3 offers all of the mentioned features, but those features are not available on every hearing aid. 
Extra features can make a hearing aid user’s life easier by improving both the function of the hearing aid and its ease-of-use. For example, a feature of the HearClear HCR3 Rechargeable Hearing Aid is its push button that switches the hearing aid between programs for four sound environments: Normal Everyday, Noise Reduction, Television, and Feedback Control. 
Thanks to the rechargeable hearing aid’s push button, you can easily change the hearing aid setting to fit your current environment. When choosing the best rechargeable hearing aid for you, be sure to take the included features into account.

5. Where to Buy a Hearing Aid

Since you are spending considerable time, and possibly a considerable amount of money, on your hearing aid, be sure to make your purchase from a trusted, reputable source. 
Read the company reviews. Are customers satisfied with their purchases? Does the company offer a warranty or a money-back guarantee? At Advanced Affordable Hearing, our hearing aids come with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. We also include a six-month warranty with our hearing aids, which means if your hearing aid stops working or becomes defective, we will fix or replace the hearing aid at no cost. The customer can also choose to extend the warranty to a full year. 
We believe in our products, so we aren’t afraid to offer our customers these guarantees and warranties.

6. Keeping a Charge

The convenience rechargeable hearing aids offer is the biggest draw for most rechargeable hearing aid wearers. Rechargeable hearing aids give you one less thing to worry about in your busy life! 
With rechargeable option models, like the HRC3, you can simply plug in your hearing aid, charge it for 2 hours, and then enjoy up to 16 hours of wear from the hearing aid before you need to charge it again. However, the length of charge time and how long the charge lasts will depend on the hearing aid you choose. Make sure the charge on your rechargeable hearing aid fits your needs before you purchase. 

7. Simplicity of Use

Is the hearing aid you are looking to purchase easy to use? Rechargeable hearing aids don’t require batteries that constantly need to be changed, so that makes them easier to use than models that do require batteries if that's a hassle for you, but there are other factors to take into consideration. 
Is the volume control simple enough for your daily use? How hard is it to adjust the settings? If you are buying online, carefully peruse the product page to make sure the hearing aid itself physically meets your requirements, and don’t hesitate to contact the seller's customer service with questions. 
If you are on the phone with a representative or purchasing in-person, talk to the hearing aid professional about any needs you may have involving physical manipulation of the hearing aid. 
For example, you may suffer from arthritis that limits your dexterity. The hearing aid professional can help you choose a hearing aid that will best suit your individual needs. 

8. Comfort and Fit

The fit of your hearing aid is important. You will be wearing your hearing aid on a regular basis, and like anything you wear, it needs to fit you well, both for your own comfort and so that the hearing aid performs as designed.
You can watch our short instructional video, The Best Fit, for clear and concise information on how to fit a hearing aid to your ear. 
Deciding which hearing aid is right for you can be confusing, but don’t delay your purchase due to unanswered questions. 
If you’re still unsure how to choose the best rechargeable hearing aid for you, please reach out to our team at Advanced Affordable Hearing at 1 (800) 804-0434 and one of our hearing aid professionals will be happy to help.