How to Own Your Hearing Loss in 4 Easy Steps

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When diagnosed with hearing loss, it can be tempting to withdraw from others in an attempt to hide your condition. However, having hearing loss isn’t a reason to hide away. Remember, you aren’t your hearing loss: You are a person with hearing loss.

Here are four steps you should take to own your hearing loss, and start living your life to the fullest.

Step 1. Accept your hearing loss.

In anything, the first step is often the most difficult, and with hearing loss, this is also the case. In fact, accepting your hearing loss can sometimes be as much of a struggle as dealing with the hearing loss itself.

But once you’ve accepted your hearing loss, you can begin finding ways to hear the best you can, protect the hearing you have left, and alleviate many of the struggles presented by the condition.

Step 2. Tell others about your hearing loss.

Once you’ve accepted your hearing loss, it’s important to share this information with your friends and family. By including them in your hearing journey, you’ll gain a support system. Likewise, being upfront about your hearing loss will help others to be more understanding

Additionally, since communication errors often arise with hearing loss, it’s always better to be open with others and explain why you may have trouble hearing them. This also gives you the opportunity to share the best ways to communicate with you, such as speaking clearly while making eye contact.

Step 3. Show off your hearing aids.

Many times, people associate hearing loss with aging, and as such, many people also think of hearing aids as something for ‘old people.’ Regardless of this stereotype, over 28.8 million people in the U.S. over 18 years of age could benefit from wearing hearing aids.

If you have opted to use a hearing device to help you hear better, you have made the choice to improve your quality of life, and that’s something you deserve a pat on the back for. Don’t bother trying to hide your hearing aids: Wear them loud and proud.

Step 4. Support others with hearing loss.

When diagnosed with hearing loss, it can be easy to feel alone. However, one in eight Americans (around 30 million people) 12 and older have been diagnosed with hearing loss via a hearing test.

Find comfort by getting involved with hearing loss community. Consider starting a conversation with a friend who has hearing loss, joining an online forum to chat with others who have hearing loss, or getting involved in groups that seeks to raise awareness of hearing loss.

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