How to Wear Hearing Aids with Glasses or Oxygen


Adapting to your new hearing aids can be a challenge for a number of reasons. For example, your brain actually requires some time to adjust to both the hearing aids and your regained ability to hear. This can take several weeks, but being able to hear again makes the process worth it.

In addition to allowing your brain to adjust, adjusting to the feeling of hearing aids in your ears can be an experience in and of itself. One thing many hearing aid wearers struggle with is wearing their hearing aids with other items, like glasses or nasal cannulas.

The most common hearing aid type, behind-the-ear (BTE), is the most likely to create issues for those who wear glasses or use oxygen. Why? BTE hearing aids, glasses, and nasal cannulas all rest behind your ears, making it easy for one item to interfere with the other.

If you wear hearing aids, you can still wear your glasses or nasal cannula with no problem. Here’s how.

Can Glasses be Worn with Hearing Aids?

The best way to address this issue is by ensuring that you are careful when putting on, or taking off, your glasses and hearing aids. We recommend putting your glasses on first; by doing so, you will prevent yourself from accidentally pushing out your hearing aids.

Once you feel comfortable with the placement of your glasses, carefully put the body of your hearing aids behind your ear, push the tube beneath the glasses, and put the tip into your ear. Once the tube appears snug inside and behind your ear, push the retention line into place.

Now, you’re ready to see and hear your best!

Special Tip: If you have a lot of trouble wearing your hearing aids with your glasses, you can purchase hearing aid clips that attach to your glasses.   


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What about Using Oxygen with Hearing Aids?

Wearing an oxygen cannula with your hearing aids can be done as easily as wearing glasses with your hearing aids. In this case, however, put your hearing aids in first, ensuring that they are snug, and then proceed to put on your nasal cannula, placing the tubes over the hearing aids.

If you use oxygen and wear glasses, you’ll want to follow a combination of the steps mentioned above: Put on your glasses first, your hearing aids second, and your nasal cannula last. Soon, you’ll be seeing, hearing, and breathing just as you should!

Special Tip: If you have a nasal cannula that secures beneath your chin, you may want to replace it with one that secures behind your head, which provides more room behind your ears for your BTE hearing aids.


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