Do Hearing Aids Help With Tinnitus?

There are approximately 50 million people who suffer from tinnitus in America alone. Of those 50 million, about 16 million people have tinnitus severe enough the seek out medical attention. Noise is the primary cause of tinnitus and with a world that is becoming increasingly noisy it is a problem that is only growing. Currently there is no cure for tinnitus. Tinnitus in simple terms is the medical term for the perception of sound (in one or both ears) when there is no external sound currently present. Most people describe it as a ringing of the ears. Some people experience tinnitus at all times while others only suffer from it intermittently. Regardless of the frequency a person suffers from it, tinnitus can be annoying at best and down right painful at its worst. Hearing aids can help people who suffer with tinnitus in several ways:

  • They can help you become habituated to tinnitus sounds
  • Help to improve your communication with others (which helps lower stress levels)
  • There is an increase in the sound available to the brain by amplifying background sounds making tinnitus less prominent
  • Ultimately by helping compensate for your hearing loss your brain will be able to focus more on actual sound

While all hearing aids can help decrease the level of prominence of tinnitus, open-fit hearing aids are often the best choice as they do not completely close off the ear canal (which for some can aggravate symptoms). So while there is not cure for tinnitus currently, hearing aids are certainly effective in treating the symptoms.