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In addition to your pair of HearClear HCR3 hearing aids, your order will include a storage case, a USB charging cord, and a care kit absolutely free to you! We'll even include a 6-month limited warranty!

Your HearClear HCR3 comes with a Money-Back Guarantee and a 6-month limited warranty, in addition to these great benefits:

  • Incredibly convenient USB charging cable
  • Outstanding US-based customer service
  • No hearing test or doctor visit required
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Discreet design, even when you wear glasses
  • Helps most mild to moderate and high-frequency hearing losses
  • 4 program settings to suit a variety of sound environments
  • An easy-to-use volume control rocker

HearClear HCR3 prices are subject to change without notice. 

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 What Comes In The Box

  • 1 pair of HearClear HCR3 Rechargeable Hearing Aids
  • Storage Case
  • Manual
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Wall Adapter
  • Alcohol Wipe
  • Different Sized Domes
  • HC Thin Tube
  • Brush/Screwdriver

Technical Specifications

Peak OSPL90 (dB SPL) 130dB
HFA OSPL 90 (dB SPL) 121db
Peak Gain(dB) 48db
HFA full on Gain (dB) 37db
Total Harmonic Distort @ 500 Hz 3%
Total Harmonic Distort @ 800 Hz 3%
Total Harmonic Distort @ 1600 Hz 3%
EQ Input Noise (dB) 30

For mild to moderate hearing loss. Read instructions before use. As with all medical issues, please consult a physician prior to use or if you have any questions. Not suitable for use by anyone under age 18. Important Medical Information: Hearing loss can be a symptom of a more serious medical condition or the result of excessive wax build-up. A physician can treat these conditions. If you have not already done so, consult your doctor to rule out any of these medical concerns.