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For a Limited Time Only, Buy HC206 Digital Hearing Aids at an incredible value of $99 each or $198 for a pair
Get Your HC206 Hearing Aid for under $100!
For a limited time only, Advanced Affordable Hearing is offering our popular HC206 digital hearing aid for the low price of $99 each or $198 for a pair. This FDA registered hearing aid is a budget friendly option for people looking for an affordable and reliable hearing device! Whether you need an inexpensive hearing aid or just a low cost backup solution, the HC206 hearing aid is an incredible value.
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Did You Know?
• Tubes and domes should be changed at least every 3 months to help keep your hearing aids working at optimal efficiency.

• Removing hearing aids from your ears at night while you are sleeping and opening the battery compartment door when not wearing them, will help preserve battery life for maximum usage.

• When changing the batteries, remove the tab and leave them on a flat surface (not in the hearing aid) for 3-5 minutes to expose them to oxygen which will allow them to activate completely before use.

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How often do you change your tubes and/or domes?

A) Less than 10 weeks
B) Between 10-12 weeks
C) More than 12 weeks

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