The HearClear GO-3 Reasons to Buy Affordable, Rechargeable Hearing Aids

HearClear Go Hearing Aids provide clearer hearing and rechargeable convenience


Our newest hearing aid, the HearClear GO™, is an affordable, rechargeable hearing aid. It’s ideal for people with mild to moderate hearing loss who seek the convenience of rechargeability—an increasingly common market. 

Rechargeable hearing aids are popular among our customers, and there are many models available now at affordable prices. However, since they are somewhat new and not everyone has used a rechargeable hearing aid previously, we sometimes receive questions about why so many people are choosing rechargeable models over models that run on hearing aid batteries.

Below, we’ve listed 3 reasons for buying affordable, rechargeable hearing aids that you may not have considered: 

1. Rechargeable hearing aids are easier for people who have trouble manipulating small batteries 

Hearing aid batteries are often very small and can be especially difficult to replace for someone with arthritis, vision problems, or other health issues that make manipulating small objects difficult.

Unfortunately, it is easy to drop a battery and not be able to find it again or to have a difficult time placing it in the battery door.

Instead of changing out tiny batteries, rechargeable hearing aids instead recharge using a cord, or an even more simple method, like a charging station. With a charging station, you can simply place your hearing aids in the stand and wait for them to charge. No handling of small batteries at all!

Our customers who have rechargeable hearing aids often comment on how much easier the rechargeable hearing aids are to use due to not dealing with hearing aid batteries. 

2. Rechargeable hearing aids can be simpler for those who have memory issues 

Remembering to order hearing aid batteries on a regular basis can be stressful, and even though it’s not a task that needs to be performed often, it can become an ordeal for those who have memory issues.

People often forget to order new batteries or they misplace their backups, and that means if their batteries run out, they may be without hearing aids until they are able to order or purchase new hearing aid batteries.

With rechargeable devices, you don’t need to buy or replace batteries—you simply plug your hearing aids in to charge them or place them in the charger—so there’s less to remember and keep track of!

This can remove a lot of the stress of wearing hearing aids for some users. 

3. Environmental reasons 

Eliminating the need to buy and replace hearing aid batteries on a regular basis reduces waste, which is good for the environment.

If you’re using a rechargeable hearing aid, you won’t have to go through batteries, throwing them away frequently like you would with a battery-operated device, which means all those little batteries aren’t being tossed into a landfill.

Rechargeable hearing aids are requested so often by customers, we have extended our family of rechargeable hearing aids to include three options: the HearClear GO™, the HearClear HCR3, and the HearClear HCRD.

Our family of advanced, rechargeable devices will all provide you with clearer hearing and rechargeable convenience, but they are designed for varying levels of hearing loss and come with different features and charging methods.

Watch our HearClear GO commercial below for more information on this exciting new product! 

If you are interested in purchasing a rechargeable device, or if you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Advanced Affordable Hearing. 

Call us today at 1 (800) 804-0434 and get a recommendation on which hearing aid will work best for your hearing loss and lifestyle!  

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