How to Protect Your Hearing Aids from Moisture: 5 Useful Tips


Your hearing aids are electronic devices, and just like most electronic devices, they can be damaged by exposure to water and moisture. With that in mind, watch the short video and read the useful tips below so you'll be better prepared to protect your hearing aids from moisture! 

1. Avoid exposure to shower/bath moisture  

When you are fresh out of the shower or bath, you may have damp hair or moisture on your skin, which can cause your hearing aids to get wet if you put them back in your ears immediately. 

Make sure you have fully dried off before placing the devices back in your ears. Also, while you are bathing, store your hearing aids in a dry location instead of in a spot where they may collect moisture, like the bathroom counter.  

2. Stay weather aware  

If your area is expecting rain, or even high humidity, be aware and either stay out of the moist weather or remove your hearing aids when you go outside. You can also protect your devices from the rain by wearing a hood or hat.  

3. Sweat can be dangerous for your devices! 

If you do physical work or exercise that causes you to sweat heavily, you will need to protect your hearing aids from perspiration. If you perspire and the moisture finds its way inside your hearing aids, that can damage the devices.

The easiest way to keep your hearing aids safe if you’re perspiring heavily is to remove them and store them in a safe place until you’re done performing physical labor or exercising.

If that’s not possible, dry the perspiration off your body and the hearing aids regularly to keep it from seeping inside the devices, and when you are done using your hearing aids, place them in a dry aid jar or box to remove excess moisture. 

4. Daily care is important for optimal use 

Daily maintenance is the best way to keep your devices in working order. Clean your hearing aids regularly with a soft cloth to remove any moisture that may have collected on the devices.

Also, put your hearing aids in a Dry Aid Jar or a Dry & Store Box nightly. Dry aid jars and boxes absorb moisture from the hearing aids, which helps to preserve the electronic components inside them. The better care you take with your hearing aids, the longer they will last. 

5. Be careful with products you use on your skin, like lotion 

Lotion, makeup, sunscreen. All of them contain moisture that can damage your hearing aids. When you apply products, make sure they are fully absorbed before putting your hearing aids in.

If your hearing device does come in contact with a moisturizing product, wipe the device down with a soft cloth, as mentioned above, and put it in a dry aid jar or box to help dry its interior.

When you first begin wearing hearing aids, they can feel strange. However, as with new eyeglasses, you become accustomed to wearing hearing aids over time. The issue with that is after a while, you can become so used to wearing the devices, you forget you have them in your ears. That familiarity can lead to accidents, like going into the pool or getting into the bath while still wearing your hearing aids!

The only way to avoid such accidents is to be aware and, as a rule of thumb, treat your hearing devices the same way you would treat your smartphone or computer. You wouldn’t expose your computer to moisture, and you shouldn’t expose your hearing aid to moisture either!

protect your hearing aids from moisture: 5 helpful tips















With simple daily protection and care, you can extend the life of your devices, which saves you money on costly repairs and replacements.

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