Tips For New Hearing Aid Users

If you have not worn a hearing aid before there will be a transition period where you think they may not be working. This feeling is very normal as you have to train you brain to be able to hear again. The longer the period a person goes with untreated hearing loss, the longer the transition period will be in adjusting to using hearing aids. Below are some tips to help the new hearing aid user to get the best experience from their new devices.

Step 1 - Relax! Wait until you have some time to calmly test your hearing aids in an environment that is both quiet and free of stress. Inset the hearing aids and get use to the new sounds that you can hear. The sound of passing cars or the humming of the heater may sound very loud at first. This is normal. We have to train your brain to hear again!

Step 2 - Have a conversation with yourself and learn how to adjust the volume of your own voice while you are wearing hearing aids. At first it will sound strange hearing yourself in a different way than you have heard yourself in awhile. This is normal! Slowly adjust the hearing aid until you feel it is best suited for you.

Step 3 - Have a conversation with a couple of friends or family members. Get use to the sound and how to distinguish between different people and patterns again.

Step 4 - Don't get frustrated! It will take some time to adjust to your new hearing aids. Wear your hearing aids for as many hours a day as you can. Try to increase that time period every day after until you reach a target goal of wearing them as long as you would want on any given day.

Step 5 - Have a friend or loved one (preferable one with normal hearing) turn on the TV and adjust it to to a comfortable volume level. Spend some time listening to the television (and watching different kinds of shows with different sound profiles) and make sure that your new hearing aids are adjusted appropriately to hear the television.

Step 6 - The last step is to slowly take your hearing out into the real world such as restaurants, parties, or meetings. Don't get frustrated if it is hard at first. Even people with normal hearing can have issues hearing in confusing environments. Over time, your brain will adjust to all of these sounds allowing you to hear more clearly than you have in a long time. Adjust to using your hearing aids in your everyday life. Stay calm and be patient with yourself until your brain learns to interpret noise and sounds correctly again.

Step 7 - Enjoy your new hearing ability! Once you have adjusted to wearing hearing aids you will be experiencing life in a way you have not had the opportunity to in a long time. Go see a symphony. Go to a social gathering that you previously would have canceled on. Take your new hearing out for a test drive!

As always if you have any questions you need answered, just let us know! We are her to serve you!