The Analog Vivo 105 Hearing Aid

Over the years, the analog BTE hearing aid Vivo105 has been a popular choice for many people with Noticeable to Significant hearing loss. However, as hearing aid technology has improved, the analog hearing aid has been surpassed by the digital hearing aid. The good news is that digital processing power now makes better hearing possible. The bad news is that the Vivo 105 analog hearing aid has been discontinued. In its place, we are offering our digital HC206 as a direct replacement for the Vivo 105 – for the same low price of $129 for one or $258 for a pair.

As always, we welcome you to experience the best hearing aid technology on the market today. At Advanced Affordable Hearing, we feel that you will agree that the HC206 is a wonderful hearing aid experience for people suffering from Noticeable to Significant hearing loss!

The HearClear HC206TM Replaces The Vivo 105

Our new model, the HC206, is a member of the HearClear brand digital hearing aid family that comes equipped with the best digital technology. Since the HC206 is the direct replacement for the Vivo 105, you will continue to enjoy features that are very similar to the Vivo 105, plus you will also receive the improved benefits digital brings, including high overall sound quality of sound, noise reduction, multiple memories, and different programming environments. This comfortable behind the ear hearing aid will help you hear clearly at an unbelievably low price!

The HearClear HC206 hearing aid is a great value in hearing and is one of several digital hearing aids that we sell direct to you – the customer. Take a look below at our full line of HearClear branded digital hearing aids to see which one might be best for you. Click the hearing aid below to view more details of what we have to offer.

Here are some of the popular HearClearTM hearing aids we offer:











The Vivo 105 has been discontinued.

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