Value Care Service Program

The Value you want. The Care you need. The Service you deserve.

Losing the ability to hear dramatically impacts the way an older adult interacts with others and enjoys life. The mental exhaustion of hearing loss can cause them to simply give up and avoid social situations and gatherings and choose to isolate, further diminishing their quality of living.

One study found that older adults with severe hearing loss were 47 percent more likely to experience depression symptoms. And, for those who already have mental health issues, hearing loss can worsen the problem. Research also shows that, if left untreated, loss of hearing is a risk factor for dementia and other mental disorders such as depression.

Hearing aids are an investment in the overall health and wellbeing of us and our loved ones. But high upfront costs as well as concerns about operability and maintenance prevent our oldest and most susceptible family members from enjoying their remaining years, whether at home or an assisted living facility.

It is with this in mind that we have created the Value Care Service Program, which eliminates the upfront cost of hearing aids in lieu of a service-focused monthly program that connects your loved one with care coordinators to ensure all of their hearing needs are met while covering most costs associated with replacement parts and repairs due to defects, damage or loss.

Our coordinators will be available at no extra cost to you and your loved ones and will perform planned outreach as well to make sure the hearing aids are working optimally and are regularly maintained. If necessary, they will work with caregivers to assist with device upkeep, replacement part assembly and troubleshooting.

Too often older individuals give up on their hearing aids because they seem too complicated or stop working when a quick conversation with a care coordinator can help them identify the issue and ensure they are wearing the devices and enjoying life again.   


Value Care Service Program Includes:

  • A pair of HearClear GO Rechargeable Hearing Aids and charging station at no cost (List Price: $1,118) 
  • Access to Care Coordinators and support through member-only phone numbers and email
  • Planned and coordinated outreach to customers or their caregivers to ensure hearing aids are working properly and being used correctly
  • Damage coverage and loss replacement (deductible applies)
  • Extra tubes and domes every three months
  • Free First Class shipping
  • Replacement hearing aids every three years
  • No upfront costs & no hidden fees
  • Minimum Commitment of 1 year at $39.95 per month, charged monthly


To learn more about the Value Care Service Program and/or enroll a member, please give us a call at  1-800-804-0434 or email us at