Answerforce FAQ Sheet


Use the following list to answer most common questions. If you cannot find the answer on this list, take a message.

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1)  Do we offer a trial? / What is the return policy?
We offer a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. Whatever the reason, you won't be stuck with a hearing aid you cannot use or do not want if it is postmarked for return within 30 days of receiving it. We refund the cost of the hearing aids in full.

2)  What payment methods do you take? / Do you have payment plans?

We take all major card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
If you would like to pay by check or money order, provide your address and we will send you an order form.
We do not have any payment plans, but you can order online using PayPal's Bill Me Later service. We also accept Care Credit.

3)  When will my order be shipped? / How much will it cost?
We offer two different shipping methods for hearing aids: USPS Priority for $4 and USPS Express for $25. Priority shipping takes 3-5 business days to reach you once shipped. Express shipping takes 1-2 business days to reach you once shipped. You can expect 1-3 business days for your order to process before shipping Priority and 1 business day processing for Express. 

4)  Where can I try these?
You can try them in the comfort of your own home and in your daily life! We are an online company only. While you cannot find our product in local stores, you can order with us and try them out where you believe you need them most. If you are not completely satisfied, you are protected by our 30-day exchange policy or our 30-day money back guarantee. Unlike many local stores, we don't charge restocking fees on items returned within 30 days!

5)  Can I get any written material on these hearing aids?
Yes! If you use the internet, you can find us at or just provide your address and we will send you a brochure and order form. Please let us know if there is a particular hearing aid you are interested in.

6)  Do you accept insurance?
While we do not process any insurance information, many insurance companies will accept claims from Advanced Affordable Hearing. Upon request, we can put our Tax ID and Medical Billing Code on your invoice. It would be your responsibility to get the information to your insurance company. 

7)  Do I need a hearing test? / Are these programmable?
We do not require a hearing test, but if you have a copy of one, we would be glad to offer a recommendation based on your results. Send your test to or fax it to 877-308-1820. While our hearing aids cannot be "re-programmed," they are pre-programmed for the most common types of hearing loss. If you are not sure the model you called in about is the right one for you, our hearing consultants can talk with you Monday through Friday from 9-5 on Mountain Standard Time. They can talk with you about your loss and suggest a good model for you. I will have to take a message to put you in touch with a hearing consultant.

8)  What types of batteries are these? / What are they made of? / How long do they last? / How do I get more?
Our rechargeable batteries are lithium polymer and need to be recharged every 16-20 hours. These batteries can last 1000 charges or roughly 2.5-3 years before needing to be replaced.
The disposable batteries are mercury free Zinc Air batteries. Each battery can last from 1-4 weeks depending on size. Four batteries are sent per hearing aid. You can get more batteries from a local supermarket or drug store, but they often cost more. We sell boxes of 40 batteries for $19.99. One of these boxes will last a user 9 months to a year for most battery sizes. 

9)  How can you guarantee these will fit me? / What if I don't like how they feel?
We cannot guarantee a fit, but we have greatly increased the likelihood of comfortable use. Each hearing aid comes with an assortment of domes. These can be interchanged to find the best fit for your ear canal. Tube length is often correlated with height. If you are taller than 6'1" or shorter than 5'2", let us know and we will include shorter or longer tubes as needed. 

10)  Are you an American company?
We sure are! Not only that, but we are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau!

11)  Are these real hearing aids or just amplifiers?
They are true digital hearing aids that have been registered by the FDA.

12)  Do you have Spanish speakers?
Yes, we do! Call 1-877-806-4224 Monday through Friday from 9-5 Mountain Standard Time or email us at

13)  Do you ship to Canada?
Yes! We love our neighbors to the North!

14)  How can I get help after getting the hearing aids?
We have a support line set up for that very purpose. Call 1-888-570-2740 Monday through Friday from 9-5 Mountain Standard Time or email us at

15)  Is there a warranty?
Yes! In addition to the 30-day money back guarantee, all hearing aids come with a minimum of a 6-month manufacturer's warranty with extended warranties available. 

Advanced Affordable Hearing's separate and comprehensive Damage Protection Plan covers your hearing aids for one full year. If you have purchased the Damage Protection Plan and your hearing aids are damaged in that time frame, we will replace the damaged devices for a $100 deductible per hearing aid.

Use the above list to answer most common questions. If you cannot find the answer on this list, take a message.

If the customer is ready to place an order, click this link to get back to the order page: