Hearing Health Quick Test

Hearing Health Quick Test

Answering YES to any of the following questions may mean that you have a hearing problem. Answering YES to several questions strongly suggests that a hearing check is necessary. In either case, you should have an audiologist check your hearing.

  1. Do you experience ringing or noises in your ears?

  2. Do you hear better with one ear than with the other?

  3. Have any of your relatives (by birth) had a hearing loss?

  4. Have you had any significant noise exposure at work, during recreation or in military service?

  5. Do you find it difficult to follow a conversation in a noisy restaurant or crowded room?

  6. Do you sometimes feel that people are mumbling or not speaking clearly?

  7. Do you experience difficulty following dialogue in the theater?

  8. Do you sometimes find it difficult to understand a speaker at a public meeting or a religious service?

  9. Do you find yourself asking people to speak up or repeat themselves?

  10. Do you find men's voices easier to understand than women's?

  11. Do you experience difficulty understanding soft or whispered speech?

  12. Do you sometimes have difficulty understanding speech on the telephone?

  13. Does a hearing problem cause you to feel embarrassed when meeting new people?

  14. Do you feel handicapped by a hearing problem?

  15. Does a hearing problem cause you to visit friends, relatives, or neighbors less often than you would like?

  16. Does a hearing problem cause you to talk to family members less often than you would like?

  17. Does a hearing problem cause you to feel depressed?