Cyber Week Savings - Save $25 on Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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Inexpensive rechargeable hearing aids provide a great hearing experience at an affordable price and they are incredibly convenient! With rechargeable hearing aids, you'll never have to worry about regularly replacing tiny hearing aid batteries. 

Which HearClear Rechargeable Hearing Aid Is Best For You?

We have three affordable rechargeable hearing aid models for you to choose from! Use the chart at the bottom of the page to compare features and prices then select the model that’s right for you based on your hearing loss level and lifestyle!

Use coupon code CYBER25 at checkout and pay the following prices for some of the best rechargeable hearing aids on the market:

  • HCGO - $368 for a pair or $214 each
  • HCR3 - $468 for a pair or $244 each
  • HCRD - $598 for a pair or $324 each

Click on your hearing aid below to get started. 

Good option Rechargeable Hearing Aid HearClear GO

Better option Rechargeable Hearing Aid HearClear HCR3

Best option Rechargeable Hearing Aid HCRD










If you are wondering "Which hearing aid is right for me?", use the below chart to compare hearing aid features/prices!

Hearing Aid Comparison Chart