HearClear™ HCRA App-Controlled OTC Hearing Aid

Introducing the Rechargeable HearClear™ HCRA
Over-The-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids

The HCRA OTC hearing aid is the perfect solution for a premium hearing experience that won't break the bank. With crystal-clear sound quality and advanced features, such as remote app control for personalized programming and remote support, these hearing aids are a game-changer.

Pair of HearClear™ HCRA Rechargeable App-Controlled OTC Hearing Aids, waiting you become yours.

HearClear™ HCRA App-Controlled OTC Hearing Aid

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  • Price:$999.00
  • Sale Price: $699.00
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Remote App Control for Personalized Programming and Remote Support

The user-friendly HC Remote App, showing the Remote Service Request Page.

The HearClear™ HC Remote app takes your hearing experience to the next level. With this app, you can personalize your hearing experience by programming the hearing aids with your audiogram or use the built-in hearing check. Plus, the app provides remote support, so you can:

  • Adjust the volume.
  • Adjust compression and bass settings.
  • Input your audiogram for a custom programmed experience.
  • Take an in-app Hearing Check to custom program your HCRA.

Request professional assistance from within the app to make adjustments to your hearing aids.

Get professional assistance for your hearing aids with ease. Simply tap the button to connect with our expert support staff from anywhere in the world. They will provide remote support and send you a new program to use, which you can choose to adopt or revert back to your previous settings. Don't hesitate to seek the help you need for optimal hearing aid performance.

Advanced Features for
Clearly Hearing in Any Environment

The HCRA hearing aids offer clearer hearing in any environment. They're equipped with advanced noise reduction technology and automatic feedback cancellation, which ensures the best sound quality, even in noisy environments. Choose from four preprogrammed profiles to find the best setting for your listening needs.

Targeted Hearing with Directional Microphone

The HCRA hearing aids feature directional microphone technology, which enhances clarity and improves targeted hearing in challenging listening situations. Whether you're in a noisy restaurant or a busy street, you can rely on these hearing aids to provide clearer sound.

Easy Adjustments with Rocker Switch

Easy to use rocker switch, showing of its colors as it switches between green and blue lights.

With the HCRA, you have control over your hearing experience. They come equipped with a convenient rocker switch that makes it easy to adjust volume levels and hearing aid settings to your preferences.

Compatible with iOS and Android Devices

The HCRA hearing aids are compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making them accessible to a wide range of users. This means that you can easily connect your hearing aids to your smartphone or tablet and take advantage of all the advanced features that HCRA hearing aids have to offer.

Only Available on iOS 9 or later, iPhone 5s or above; Android 7 or later.

Designed for Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

The HCRA hearing aid was designed to meet the needs of individuals with Mild to Moderate hearing loss. Because of their OTC status, they're easily accessible and require no prescription to purchase. Plus, their lightweight and discreet design makes them comfortable to wear all day.

HearClear™ HCRA Key Features

  • App Control:

    • Customize hearing profile
    • Input audiogram or use built in hearing check
    • Remote support
    • Switch Programs
    • Adjust Volume
  • Rechargeable:

    • Convenient Charging Station that holds 2 Hearing Aids
    • 3-Hour Charge Gives 20 Hours of Use
  • Built-In Technology:

    • Frequency Shaper
    • Automatic Noise Reduction
    • Automatic Feedback Canceller
    • Low Battery Warning
    • Push Button selects between programs for 4 sound environments:
      • Normal Everyday: Most Situations, Around the House, Speaking 1 on 1, On The Phone, Watching TV, Family Time
      • Noise Reduction: Noisy Situations, Social Settings, Restaurants, Small Groups, Church, Time with Friends
      • Television: Extra Help Watching TV, Also in Moderately Noisy Situations
      • Feedback Control: Added Volume While Reducing Feedback, Using Telephone
  • Great Design:

    • Directional Microphones
    • Comfortable Behind-The-Ear (BTE) / Open Fit Design
    • Open ear canal feel with open-fit design tips
    • Lightweight and Small Size
    • On / Off Button
    • Nearly-Invisible Thin Tube Style
    • Volume Control / Rocker Switch


Max OSPL 90 115 dB SPL
Max Full-on gain @50 dB SPL input 35 dB SPL
Max THD + Noise 4.5%
Self-Generated Noise 18 dB SPL
Latency 10 ms
Upper Cutoff Frequency 5000 Hz
Lower Cutoff Frequency 250 Hz
Everything you need to get started is in the box.
  • Charging Station
  • USB Cable
  • Wall Adapter
  • HCRA Hearing Aid(s)
  • Cleaning Tool (Brush/Filament)
  • Dome Variety
  • Storage Case
Note: Items and quantities shown are for a single hearing aid; quantities may change for a pair. The contents of this package are subject to change at any time.