POCO Z Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aids Pair Price at $648

The HearClear™ POCO Z™ Premium Rechargeable Hearing Aids

For Hearing Loss: Mild to Moderate 




If you're looking for hearing aids with the perfect blend of quality and affordability, you'll love the POCO Z™! The POCO Z™ is the newest member of our HearClear™ family and boasts rechargeability, Bluetooth capabilities, and an ease-of-use that is second to none.

The new HearClear™ Poco Z™ hearing aids are great for following conversations in noisy environments.

The HearClear™ POCO Z™ is only sold as a set, not for each ear individually. Why? Because your ears are designed to work together. Your brain is wired to use both ears working in sync to fully understand what you hear, and studies have shown that the benefit of wearing 2 hearing aids can be up to 3 times more than wearing just one. And you'll notice that the biggest improvement when you're trying to understand speech in noisy situations. Your brain can separate background noise from speech better when it hears equally through both ears than it can when there is more sound coming from one ear. Also, since your brain can do a better job of identifying where sounds come from, you can do a better job of listening to what you want to hear and ignoring what you don’t.

Charging is a breeze with the POCO Z™'s include charging case. Once the hearing aids are in the case, simply plug the adapter in. A glowing blue light means the device is charging, and when the light turns green you are fully charged and good to go! A 2-3 hour charge gets you up to 20 hours of normal use!

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Adjusting settings has never been easier. The POCO Z™ pairs with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and works seamlessly with the Soundwear® app to make adjustments simple and effective.

Included in the box are the charging case, charging cable and block, dome variety pack, a brush, and the App User Guide.

Warranty Included: 6 Month Limited Warranty and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Risk Free!

My Dog Chewed My Hearing Aids

While it's designed for most hearing losses, we understand that the HearClear™ POCO Z™ may not be the right hearing aid for everyone. That's why we allow you a full 30-day trial period along with a Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee. If your hearing aids don't help you hear the sounds you've been missing, simply return them to us for a full refund, minus shipping and handling.

You'll Love Your Affordable, Rechargeable HearClear™ POCO Z™!

The POCO Z™ is a great option for those who understand conversations in most situations but have a difficult time communicating with soft speakers and following conversations in noisy environments.

The HearClear™ POCO Z™ Rechargeable Hearing Aid Key Features

  • Comfortable In the Canal (ITC)

  • 3 Hour Charge Gives 20 Hours

    • 3 Hours to Fully Charge Charging Case

  • Convenient Charging Case that holds 2 units

  • Lightweight and Small Size

  • Touch Button selects between programs for 4 sound environments:

    • Conversation: Normal Everyday Situations, Around The House, Speaking 1 on 1, On The Phone, Watching TV, Family Time
    • Restaurant: Noise Reduction, Social Settings, Restaurants, Small Groups, Church, Time With Friends

    • Traffic: Reducing Background Traffic Noise, Noisy Environments

    • Outdoor: Reducing Wind Noise

  • Touch Button selects the volume level

  • Low Battery Warning

  • Adjustable with Smartphone App

HearClear™ POCO Z™ Specifications

Everything you need to get started is in the box.
  • HearClear™ POCO Z™ Hearing Aids
  • Charging Case
  • Manual
  • Different Sized Domes
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Charging Cable and Adapter
  • Waxguards
Note: Items and quantities shown are for a single hearing aid; quantities may change for a pair. The contents of this package are subject to change at any time.


Peak OSPL90 (dB SPL) 118 dB
HFA OSPL 90 (dB SPL) 114 dB
Peak Gain (dB) 31 dB
HFA full on Gain (dB) 26 dB
Total Harmonic Distort @ 500 Hz 2%
Total Harmonic Distort @ 800 Hz 2%
Total Harmonic Distort @ 1600 Hz 2%
EQ Input Noise (dB) 28
Frequency Range 250-5000
POCO Z™ size comparison
For mild to moderate hearing loss. Read instructions before use. As with all medical issues, please consult a physician prior to use or if you have any questions. Not suitable for use by anyone under age 18. Important Medical Information: Hearing loss can be a symptom of a more serious medical condition or the result of excessive wax build-up. A physician can treat these conditions. If you have not already done so, consult your doctor to rule out any of these medical concerns.
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