Do You Have Hearing Loss?
introducing the ZIV 209
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Best For Mild To Moderate Loss
6 Month Locked In Warranty
Many Controls To Help You Hear

Why Pick Advanced Affordable Hearing?

See why thousands of customers have chosen Advanced Affordable Hearing to be able to hearly clearly again without breaking the bank.

Money Back Guarantee

You have 30 days from your purchase date to return the hearing aids for any reason all. No risk to you.
Locked In Warranty

You are going to feel secure in your purchase knowing that we will repair your selected hearing aid if it malfunctions
We Understand Hearing Aids

We have worked with hearing aids for more than 20 years. Combined, we have experience of more than 100 years.
You Can Talk To Us

We are available by phone M-F
or by email 24/7. If you need help
on anything at all, we will help.

What Our Customers Say To be in business as long as we have, we have to keep our customers happy. All Of them.

“Thank you for the very fast turn around. Service like that is one of the reasons I purchased my second pair of hearing aids.”
- Neil H.

“I cannot thank you enough. It is a great pleasure working with your company. At ALL times I’ve found the employees courteous and professional."
- Colin M.

“I have it adjusted great and probably will be ordering another one for my other ear. This hearing aid works great. Just wanted you to know”
- Joe S.

“Just got my VIVO 105 - I love it! My dog ate one of my $4000 hearing aids, no way could I afford to replace with the same brand. For $129, this hearing aid ROCKS! Thanks so much!”
- Nicki N

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