Hearing Aid Tubes and Domes


Tubes and Receivers

Advanced Affordable Hearing offers Tubes and Receivers compatible with hearing aids from the manufacturers listed below and many more! If you do not see your manufacturer listed, please contact us support@advancedaffordablehearing.com to speak with a representative, we may be able to help you.

Many hearing aid manufacturers use the same tubes and domes, so don't get confused if your hearing aid is from one manufacturer and the tube that fits it is from a different manufacturer altogether.


Looking for Domes?

If you are looking for Domes this is still a good place to start because each of the tube or receiver product pages listed above also shows the matching domes that your specific hearing aid will require in the Related Products TAB on that page.

We not only sell great hearing aids, but accessories to fit virtually any hearing aid on the market. Shop for low-priced tubes, domes, batteries and accessories for your hearing aids.


The Difference Between Tubes and Receivers

When making a purchasing decision between tubes and receivers here are a few things to consider: Regular tubes are much more cost effective than receivers but are also limited in their function. Where a regular tube allows sound to travel through it to the ear canal, a receiver tube places the speaker directly into the ear canal. This allows for less distortion and the ability to treat a wider range of hearing loss.

Receiver maintenance is more involved than maintenance required for regular tubes. While receivers can provide a much better sound quality, they are also more susceptible to moisture damage. With a regular tube, maintenance is a simple as using as cleaning filament on a regular basis. But a major benefit to receivers is that they can also be upgraded from Standard to Power, allowing for your current hearing aid to treat future hearing loss without buying a completely new hearing aid!

Regular Tubes have:
Lower Prices
Easy Maintenance

Receivers have:
Better Sound Quality
Can be upgraded to match future hearing loss