Value Care

We strongly recommend protecting your new hearing aids by signing up for our ValueCare Membership program. Here are some of the benefits you get- for only $12.95 a month!

  • Your hearing aids will be enrolled in our Damage Protection Plan and will stay under warranty for up to 3 years from the date of your hearing aid purchase. During that time, hearing aid repairs due to manufacturer defects will be FREE. And if your hearing aid is damaged in any way, send it to us, pay a $100 deductible, and we'll provide a replacement device (available on most models). 

  • Tired of cleaning your tubes and domes? Use brand new ones instead! We'll send new tubes and domes to you at regular intervals at NO CHARGE
  • You'll receive a 20% discount when you upgrade or replace your hearing aids (up to one pair every 12 months) and 20% off your hearing aid accessory purchases.
  • Need a new rechargeable battery? As a member, you'll only pay $50 per hearing aid for a rechargeable battery replacement!
  • If you use disposable batteries, you'll get a FREE case of 40 batteries for each hearing aid once per year! 
  • First class mail will always be FREE!
  • Priority Rush Service for all repairs, you're at the top of our list! We'll get your device back to you as quickly as possible, ensuring minimal interruption in your life.
  • Your Member exclusive phone number and support email address allow you first-of-the-line access to our superb hearing aid professionals!

If you have any questions about our ValueCare Member program, give our care team a call at 1-800-804-0434 to learn more. We are glad to assist you with all of your hearing needs!