Hear Clearly Without Breaking The Bank
Vivo Pro 100 - $139
Why The Vivo 100 Is Your Top Option
Best For Mild To Moderate Hearing Loss
Includes 30 Day, No Restocking Fee 100% Money Back Guarantee
You Can Return It. The Only Risk You Have Is To Save.
Includes 6 Month Limited Warranty
Low Return Rate Shows High Quality
Work With A Company That Has Been Selling Hearing Aids For 25+ Years

Vivo Pro 100 is an analog style hearing aid with a low return rate to give people with a mild to moderate hearing loss their hearing back.
We're Here To Help
Call 1-800-804-0434
Step 1
You make the realization not everyone who needs
hearing aids needs all the features included in
$2,000+ hearing aid packages.
Step 2
Purchase a low cost high quality hearing aid & feel
secure you can return the hearing aid within 30 days
if it doesn't work out and you will still save thousands.
Step 3
If you have any issues or need help selecting a
hearing aid, you can cal us at 1-800-804-0434 or
e-mail us with any questions.
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What Our Customers Say To be in business as long as we have, we have to keep our customers happy. All Of them.

“Thank you for the very fast turn around. Service like that is one of the reasons I purchased my second pair of hearing aids.”
- Neil H.

“I cannot thank you enough. It is a great pleasure working with your company. At ALL times I’ve found the employees courteous and professional."
- Colin M.

“I have it adjusted great and probably will be ordering another one for my other ear. This hearing aid works great. Just wanted you to know”
- Joe S.

“Just got my VIVO 105 - I love it! My dog ate one of my $4000 hearing aids, no way could I afford to replace with the same brand. For $129, this hearing aid ROCKS! Thanks so much!”
- Nicki N

Hearing Aids Are Available For All Levels

Most advanced hearing aid we sell
Behind the ear to remain hidden
Multiple adjustments to match to your loss
Good for all heraing losses


Refurbished Hearing Aid
Best For Mild To Moderate Loss
More Controls Than Vivo Pro 100
Less Controls Than HC12

Van Pro 209

Power Hearing Aid
Best For Severe To Significant Loss
Behind The Ear Style To Remain Hidden
Only For Those Who Need Maximum Power