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Advanced Affordable Hearing Aids offers the very best in value priced digital hearing aids. By offering direct to consumer hearing aids, we are able to dramatically discount our prices over our competitors. All hearing aids have a 30 Day money back guarantee. With low prices and great customer service, we invite you to see the difference Advanced Affordable Hearing Aids can make!


Thank you for such really nice, effective hearing aids. I can now hear clearly, things I haven't heard in a long time. When I go to Costa Rica this year, I'll hear the bird song very clearly. Listening to parrots fly by will be too loud. -Jerry C
I purchased the HCR model for both left and right ear in early August.

I have to say how pleased I am with the results and changes in my hearing. The fit for me is perfect and I did a lot of testing to find exactly what is the right volume and program settings that work best for me. I'm very happy to have found your web site and even more pleased that I decided to take a risk and try these. They do make a very positive difference in my hearing and hope these units last a long time. My goal now is to talk my wife into buying a pair for herself. I know she could benefit from them. Thank you for making hearing improvement affordable. -Braxton M

Your company is pretty fantastic! Paula M.
I'm getting back to you to mention that we were very pleased with this equipment!

My father in law seems to be grasping a lot more of what is said since the new hearing aid is in use. For us, this has been a very good product. The hearing aid attached easily to his existing ear mold. -Ken G

I just want to let you know how happy my husband and myself are with his new hearing aids!

We had no idea it would be such a fast, simple and enjoyable process. Thank you for your help and your patience in calming my anxieties and doubts prior to making a decision. In retrospect, it was an easy experience and now we can enjoy those excellent hearing aids. We are very grateful! -Monique S.

Great value. I replaced my $2,000.00 Seimens with one of these last week. -Earl M.
“I couldn't be happier! The new aid is awesome and works well for my more damaged ear which is now using the HC-12 I ordered. What a value for the money!” - Sandra M
Initially I was skeptical that a hearing aid under $300 could work as well as my old Phonak pair. I was pleasantly surprised! Thank you for great service. -Steve C
The hearing aid arrived last Saturday, thank you. It works better than my $2,000.00 hearing aid. - Jim W