Advanced Premium Care Packages

Advanced Affordable Hearing Premium Care Packages are like the one-stop shop for your essential hearing aid maintenance supplies. Regular tube, dome and battery replacements are necessary to keep your hearing aids in good working condition. Plus, cleaning filaments come in handy whenever wax buildup creates a blockage. Save money on supplies when packaged together!


Premium Care Packages Available For Purchase:

This basic package comes with replacement tubes, domes, batteries, as well as cleaning filaments all for one low price of $29 for a single hearing aid or $39 for a pair. Get started by selecting your hearing aid below.









Premium Rechargeable Care Packages Available For Purchase:

This rechargeable package replaces the standard batteries (which come in the basic premium care package) with a USB Mini Charger and 4 rechargeable batteries. Your price is $49 for a single hearing aid or $59 for a pair. Click on your hearing aid below to get started.