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FDA Registered
Vivo 105$129

  • Best Economic Option
  • Volume Control & Tone Control
  • Good For Moderate/Significant Loss

Vivo Pro$139

  • Smaller Than The Vivo 105
  • Better Controls Than Vivo 105
  • Same Features/Sound Quality As MDHearingAidPro

HC 103$139

  • Smaller Than Vivo 105
  • Same Features As Vivo Pro
  • Includes More Tube/Dome Size Varieties To Know Size

PS Amp$139

  • Basic Personal Sound Amplifier
  • Save Maximum Money
  • Best For Those Who Have Mild To Moderate Hearing Loss


  • Smallest, Most Discreet
    Digital Open Fit We Sell
  • Get This If you want maximum control, comfort & smallest size.
  • For All Hearing Losses

Bee CIC$329

  • Completely In Canal
  • It Fits Inside Your Ear
  • Digital Noise Reduction Technology
  • Tiny, But Still Adjustable To Your Hearing Loss


  • Completely In Canal
  • It Fits Inside Your Ear
  • Digital Noise Reduction Technology
  • Better Sound Amplification Than The Bee CIC


  • Latest Technology Available
  • Control Output & Background Noise
  • 6 Month Warranty

Ziv 205$179

  • More Controls Means Better Hearing
  • One More Control Than Vivo 105
  • Smaller Than The Vivo 105

Van Pro$250

  • More Powerful Aid Than Van 209 For Those Who Have Profound Hearing Loss
  • High Value
  • Same Size As Van 209

Q: How will I know which hearing aid will fit my ear?
A: Most of our hearing aids contain flex tubes that will
allow you to customize the tube size yourself in order to
have the best fit for you ear. The only hearing aids that
you will need your specific tube size are the MA-2 and the
HC-12. If you don't know your tube size for these, you can
give us a call and we will be able to have an accurate
portrayal of your tube size based on your height.

Q:Do you have a local area I can goto to get the hearing aids?
A:We pass the savings onto you by sending your hearing aid
priority mail direct to you. This is how we are
able to sell our products and give you the discounts.

Q:What if the hearing aids I purchase don't match my
hearing needs?

A: You have 30 days to try the hearing aids and if you
aren't completely satisfied, you can return them for
all your money back.

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