Research Study Proves That DIY Hearing Aids from Advanced Affordable Hearing Improves Speech Understanding

Hearing Aid Study


Recent breakthroughs in the hearing aid industry empower the wearer to be less dependent on their local provider for service. These breakthoughs beg the question:

How important is paying for a local hearing care provider’s help in determining the success of using hearing aids?

A recent double-blind study conducted by audiologists from the Hearing Aid Research Lab at the University of Memphis used hearing aids from Advanced Affordable Hearing (AAH) and two control groups to answer this question. The participants in both groups were given identical hearing aids meeting the following criteria:

  • Cost between $100 and $350 each
  • Digital sound processing
  • Mini-BTE style

The audiologists helped familiarize the participants in one group with the hearing aids and their controls. Participants in the second group were handed the hearing aids in a box with an AAH manual, and AAH contact information for service. After a short trial period the study found:

  1. Participants saw the benefit of significantly increased speech understanding in their daily lives
  2. No statistical difference in speech understanding was noted between those receiving service from local audiologists and those receiving service via phone and email from Advanced Affordable Hearing
  3. Familiarization with the hearing aids resulted in fewer initial problems with sound quality adjustments

Advanced Affordable Hearing continues to strive to make living with hearing loss easier – at a price you can afford!

Recent developments have opened up how hearing aids are sold and resulted in more buying options and a wider selection of products to choose from. The pace of new innovations that improve hearing aid sound quality has never been faster, but that’s not the best news for hearing aid wearers.

When buying hearing aids from Advanced Affordable Hearing you can be assured that you are getting hearing aids and service that will pass the test!


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