The Benefits of Battery-Operated Hearing Aids

Choosing a hearing aid that will work well for you will depend largely on your specific needs. Your hearing aid needs will include a combination of factors, like your type and severity of hearing loss, your lifestyle, and what model of hearing aid you're most comfortable wearing and maintaining.

So there really is no "best" type of hearing aid, just a hearing aid that is best for you and your situation. And many hearing aid wearers find battery-operated hearing aids have all the benefits they need.



With battery-operated devices you can enjoy:

Small, discreet designs.

Battery-operated hearing aids are available in very small models and designs. This is a big deal for people who value a discreet hearing aid or for those who simply find smaller hearing aids more comfortable.

If the size of the device is important to you, check out battery-operated hearing aids and see how they fit you. You can find some very small models of advanced, battery-operated hearing aids at affordable prices.

Battery-operated models are easy to clean and maintain.

While battery-operated hearing aids do require regular battery changes, they are simple and easy to clean and maintain. Also, hearing aid batteries are easy to switch in and out. There is a battery door on most battery-operated devices that you can simply open, switch out the battery, and close. For most people, it takes only seconds.

While rechargeable batteries are also easy to clean and maintain, you do have to make sure to keep their charging port and contacts (both on the hearing aid and the charging station or cords) clean and free of moisture. Since battery-operated hearing aids do not use charging ports or a charging station or cords, you do not have that worry with battery-operated models.

Affordable options.

Battery-operated hearing aids have been popular for many, many years, so there are plenty of options to choose from in battery-operated models! And you will have many affordable options to consider.

If budget is most important to you, consider looking at battery-operated devices as well as rechargeables and you'll be more likely to find a hearing aid with all the features you want and great sound quality at a price that fits your budget!

Reliability and convenience.

While rechargeable hearing aids are touted for their convenience (and they are very convenient), battery-operated hearing aids also add convenience, depending on your desires and lifestyle.

We have had customers tell us that they prefer battery-operated models because they travel a lot and don't like having to look for a place to plug in and charge. Instead, they can just pop an extra pack of hearing aid batteries in their travel bag and they're all set for their adventure!

To get the most enjoyment out of your hearing aids, really think about how you want to use them before choosing between battery-operated and rechargeable models.

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