Can Hearing Aids Be Adjusted for Different Sound Environments?


In this video, our care specialist, David, answers the question Can Hearing Aids Be Adjusted for Different Sound Environments?

Most hearing aids include program settings so you can adjust for different sound environments. However, the program settings available depend on the model of hearing aid you choose.


How Do I Know Which Program Setting to Choose?

To get the best hearing experience, you'll need to get to know your hearing aids. And getting to know your hearing aids means trying out the different settings and features of your devices.

For example, our HearClear HCRD Rechargeable Hearing Aids include 4 program settings:

  • Normal Everyday
    Useful for most everyday situations, such as a relaxing at home, speaking one-on-one, watching television, and spending time with your family.
  • Noise Reduction
    Designed for noisy situations, especially in social settings. Have trouble hearing your dining partner when you're out at your favorite restaurant? This setting may be for you! The noise reduction setting helps reduce background noise so you can better focus on what you WANT to hear.

  • Television
    Ideal for moderately noisy situations and for extra assistance when watching television!

  • Feedback Control
    The feedback control setting adds volume while reducing feedback. We suggest trying this setting when talking on the telephone.

We strongly recommend that you try out the different settings on any hearing aid you wear in a variety of situations so that you can find out how that setting will best serve you. 

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