Do Hearing Aids Help High-Frequency Hearing Loss?

In this video, our care specialist, David, answers the question Can Hearing Aids Help High-Frequency Hearing Loss?


Why are our hearing aids pre-programmed for high-frequency hearing loss?

We pre-program our hearing aids for high-frequency hearing loss because 80% of all hearing loss follows a similar pattern, which is what we call a sloping high-frequency hearing loss.

If you have sloping high-frequency hearing loss, you may have difficulty hearing and understanding higher-pitched sounds and voices. For example, a soft, feminine voice might be harder for you to understand than a deeper, baritone voice. If you have high-frequency hearing loss, children are often especially difficult to understand.

While our hearing aids are pre-programmed to handle high-frequency hearing loss, you will want to choose a hearing aid model that matches the severity of your loss. If you need assistance in choosing the right hearing aid, please reach out to our friendly staff! We are here to help. 

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