Do Hearing Aids Help High-Frequency Hearing Loss?

In this video, our care specialist, David, answers the question Can Hearing Aids Help High-Frequency Hearing Loss?


Why are our hearing aids pre-programmed for high-frequency hearing loss?

We pre-program our hearing aids for high-frequency hearing loss because 80% of all hearing loss follows a similar pattern, which is what we call a sloping high-frequency hearing loss.

If you have sloping high-frequency hearing loss, you may have difficulty hearing and understanding the speech of people around you. That will be especially true when it comes to higher-pitched sounds and voices.

For example, a soft, feminine voice might be more difficult for you to understand than a deeper, baritone voice. If you have problems hearing high-pitched frequencies, children are often especially hard to hear.

Other high frequency sounds that might be difficult for you to understand include:

  • The phone ringing or alarm beeping
  • Birds singing and some other animal noises
  • The doorbell
  • The television
  • Tones in music

While our devices are pre-programmed to handle high-frequency losses, you will want to choose a hearing aid model that matches the severity of your loss. Your hearing loss can be mild, moderate, or severe.

To gauge your level of hearing loss, you can have a hearing test performed at your doctor's office or your audiologist's office. A hearing test can help you find out what type of hearing loss you have and its severity. If you cannot see a doctor or audiologist, you can use an [online hearing test] to help estimate the severity of your hearing loss.

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PLEASE REMEMBER: an online hearing test is not the same as a visit to the doctor and you cannot regard the results as an official diagnosis. The test is just meant to help you choose the best hearing aid for your hearing situation.

Hearing aids can help you those high-frequency sounds better, which can make a big improvement in your relationships, your communication abilities, and just your plain old enjoyment.

Oftentimes, people with hearing loss avoid participating in activities they once loved, and hearing aids can give you the confidence to jump back into those hobbies and activities again, whether it's a book club, golfing with your buddies, or going to family gatherings.

If you find you need assistance in choosing the right hearing aid for you, please reach out to our friendly staff! We are here to help you hear better.

Hearing sounds that mean a lot to you, like the birds singing in the morning or the sound of your grandchild's voice, can help improve your everyday life. And what's more important than enjoying those special moments in your life? There's no reason for you to wait! Pick up the phone today and give us a call at 1 (800) 804-0434