Getting Used to Hearing Aids: How to Ease the Transition

elderly man getting used to hearing aids


If you have never worn hearing aids before, you may be surprised to learn that there is an adjustment period for your new devices. In fact, there is an adjustment period for all hearing aids!

Getting used to hearing aids takes time and a little bit of patience, and while you are getting used to your new devices, we have some tips for you on how to improve your hearing experience. 

1. Don’t Expect Immediate, Amazing Hearing 

Hearing aids are not magic. They will not—no matter how good they are—give you perfect hearing. And they will most likely feel and sound strange to you for the first month or so.

A common complaint from first-time hearing aid wearers is that normal noises sound overly loud at first. This is normal and should pass as your brain and ears adjust to hearing more clearly again.

Remember, the development of hearing loss is gradual, happening over a period of years in most cases, so it makes sense that getting used to hearing clearly again would be a gradual adjustment as well.

The length of time it takes you to adjust to your new devices usually depends on how dedicated you are to wearing them regularly and how interested you are in learning the features and settings. 

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Breaks 

As you adjust to your hearing aids, it’s often a good idea to take breaks. While consistency is important in adjusting to your new devices, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself either.

If you are feeling taxed, start by wearing your hearing aids for only a few hours at a time, and increase the time you spend wearing them day-by-day until you gradually work up to all-day wear. 

3. Stay Positive 

The transition period won't last forever, and once you have adjusted to your new devices, you’ll be able to hear better and enjoy conversations with family and friends again. You may even be able to pursue activities that you had stopped participating in due to hearing loss.

As you ‘get to know’ your hearing aids and how you can operate them for maximum assistance, think about the many benefits they can bring to your everyday life.

It’s often the little things that hearing aid wearers notice first, like how you can watch television while wearing your new devices without turning the volume up to levels that annoy your significant other or how you can hear the birds singing outside your window in the morning. 

4. If You Need Assistance, Ask for It 

As you experiment with your new devices, reach out to others who could help you with your new hearing aids.

If you’re not sure how to use a setting or how to change the tubes or domes on your devices, the company you purchased your hearing aids from may be able to help.

At Advanced Affordable Hearing, we are always happy to help our customers with their new hearing aids, and we are available over the phone to answer any questions they may have.

Your loved ones may also be able to assist you with cleaning your hearing aids or replacing the tubes and domes. Some hearing aid users with vision or dexterity issues find assistance with tasks that involve small parts, like battery replacement, to be extremely helpful.  

5. Own Up to Your Hearing Loss 

Oftentimes, people with hearing loss are hesitant to let others know that they are having problems with communication. However, hearing loss is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s a common health problem. Approximately 48 million Americans suffer some degree of hearing loss.

In fact, it is important to let others know what you’re dealing with so they can better communicate with you.

It is also important to accept your hearing loss and deal with it appropriately. Some people have a hard time admitting–even just to themselves–that they really do need hearing aids to help them better enjoy life.

If you are considering hearing aids but haven’t taken the first step yet, we are always happy to assist you with choosing the right device for your situation over the phone.

Give us a call at 1 (800) 804-0434 and we’ll walk you through our options and help you decide on the best choice of hearing aid for you.

We are truly dedicated to helping people hear more clearly again, and we would love to help you begin your HearClear journey! 


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