HC Remote User Manual


Welcome to the Advanced Affordable Hearing family! With our HC Remote app, you can customize your listening experience with programs, volume changes, and more. This manual works for Android and iOS. Visit our site for more in-depth explanations and tutorials.

Before You Begin

Make sure:

  • Bluetooth® on your smartphone is turned on
  • GPS on your smartphone is turned on
  • Your HCRA hearing aids are charged
  • Your HCRA hearing aids are within 5 feet of your smartphone

Only Available on iOS 9 or later, iPhone 5 or above; Android 6 or later.

Note: Due to improvements made to the app over time, your app may look and act differently from what is shown in this manual. If this is the case please follow the instructions provided by the app.

Quick Start

  1. Turn your HCRAs on and put them on.
  2. Go to the app store for your phone and download the HC Remote app.
  3. Locate HC Remote on your phone and tap the Icon to begin.
  4. Read through the terms and policies, then tap Agree
  5. Connect your HCRAs
  6. Run a Hearing Check to tune your HCRAs
  7. Adjust the program and volume to comfortable levels

Note: It is important to accept all prompts, terms, and permissions. Without them, your Hearing Aids may not work properly.

Downloading HC Remote

Apple iOS

  1. Go to the App Store and search “HC Remote”
  2. Tap the Install button. Follow any prompts given to download and install
  3. You can find HC Remote in your App Drawer along with all your other apps on your phone, once the installation is complete
Apple App Store button that links directly to the Apple App store where you can download the HC Remote App.


  1. Go to the PlayStore and search “HC Remote”
  2. Tap the Install button. Follow any prompts given to download and install
  3. You can find HC Remote in your App Drawer with all your other apps on your phone, once the installation is complete
Google Play store button that links directly to the Google Play store where you can download the HC Remote App.

Tip: Use the camera on your phone to scan the QR code. It will take you directly to the app.

  1. Connect your hearing aids by tapping “Connect Device.”
  2. After the search displays your HCRAs, tap “Tap to Connect.”
  3. A prompt will appear on your screen and you should hear a tone in the hearing aid it wants to connect to.
    Tap the option for the side you hear the tone in. Another prompt will display a confirmation of the connection
  4. Tap “Search for Hearing Aids” to connect your other hearing aid(s). Repeat steps 2 and 3 to connect to other hearing aids

The HC Remote app will auto-connect to your hearing aids once connected.

Note: You may need to turn your HCRA off and back on if your phone can’t detect it.

To begin your hearing check, connect your hearing aids to your smartphone.

  1. Tap the “Hearing” icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then tap
  2. The next screens will tell you to find a quiet room, connect your hearing aids (recommended) or headphones (wired or Bluetooth®), and ask which side you would like to check (right, left, or both)
  3. After a brief countdown your check will start. Follow the prompts to complete your check.
  4. To customize your hearing aids to your Hearing Check, tap on the button labeled “Fit with this Result”. You will be taken back to the Control Screen where you can make further adjustments.

Note: You can always reset to a previous test See “Archives” on page 13 for more info

The Control Screen is the “home screen” of the HCRA app. It allows you to access many of the features of the app.

Hearing aids

By tapping the gear icon on the top left, you will be taken to the Hearing Aids screen where you can rename, reconnect or perform other edits to your HCRAs.

Sync Hearing Aids

By taping the link icon you can select between linked control or independent control of your hearing aids.


The fitted button will turn from Blue  to Green  after hearing aids have an initial Hearing Check


By taping the More button you will be taken to the Adjustment Screen.


The volume can be adjusted on the main control screen found under the main control screen in the Device tab


The main volume adjustment is labeled “Loud”. To adjust it slide your finger up or down on the screen while pressing the bolder colored bar on the top. More colored bars will be a louder volume, and more gray bars will result in a quieter volume.


The bass adjustment is an adjustment for lower-end frequencies. The same as adjusting the volume, use the bolder bar to slide the adjustment up and down.


In the App

To change programs through the app, press the Program button on the bottom of the screen. Tap the program you would like to change to and both connected hearing aids will switch to that program

On the HCRA

By long pressing the lower half of the Rocker Switch, your HCRA will switch between 4 preprogrammed settings, which adjust the type of amplification used for each environment.

You’ll either hear 1, 2, 3, or 4 beeps, but doing so only changes the program on that hearing aid and does not change the setting shown in the app.



Program Works Best For Signal
Normal Everyday Most situations, around the house, speaking 1on 1, on the phone, watching TV, family time 1 Beep
Noise Reduction Noisy situations, social settings, restaurants, small groups, church, time with friends 2 Beeps
Television Extra help watching TV, also in moderately noisy situations 3 Beeps
Feedback Control Added volume while reducing feedback, using phone 4 Beeps

Note: Every time the hearing aid is turned on, it will reset to the last used settings.


This option is set by your Hearing Check.

Before adjusting this option, save an Archive


Perform manual adjustments by dragging the dots up and down.
Lower frequencies are on the right and higher frequencies are on the left. Adjusting the dots will adjust the volume for that frequency only


Found in the Compress tab to the right of Band, this tool allows you to stop sudden loud sounds so you don’t hurt your ears.
The more compression, the less of a spike in volume you will experience


Save an Archive

Tap the Archive button located at the bottom left of the screen to save a new archive. An archive saves your custom settings for your HCRAs

Tap “Name” to Name your Archive. This is required for saving. If you are unsure what to name it you can use the current date.

Tap Save to save your new archive.

Switching Saved Archives

Switch between saved Archives and Fittings by tapping the center button at the bottom of the screen. Switch between Archive and Fitting options by tapping the tab at the top.
Select the option for each ear then tap Apply to Device, and confirm on the prompt.

If you are having trouble with your hearing aids, need help inputting your audiogram or just require remote adjustments we can help you out.

Request Support

Log In

Remote Support requires you to log in. If you have not set up an account, you can Register here. You can also Register from most screens by using the Hamburger menu to sign in or register for a new account. For details see “Registration” on page 18

Get Started

Tap the service icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Then tap the Request Remote Support button.

Troubleshooting: Connection Problems
Possible Causes    Solutions To Try
Compatibility of smart phone    Check iOS/Android OS version
Version of App    Update the HC Remote App
Phone not finding hearing aids    Make sure your hearing aids are fully charges (ligths up green on charger) and that your hearing aids are on (press Program Button for Green flash)
Bluetooth® is not turned on    Turn on Bluetooth® on your smartphone.

If you require further assistance please call our support line at 1-888-670-0411.