Hearing Loss Stories from Our Customers

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Hearing Loss Stories

Back in November Advanced Affordable Hearing kicked off our 2015 Hear For The Holidays Story Contest and we asked our community of hearing aid users to tell us their stories about how hearing loss has affected their life. We asked for stories that were inspiring, funny, heartwarming and genuine. Most importantly we wanted real life tales from real life people we help everyday. Advanced Affordable Hearing provides a high quality, lower cost alternative to the problem of expensive hearing aids for people with hearing loss. We literally have helped thousands of people hear more clearly - and changed people's lives.

After careful consideration we determined that there were 2 stories that stood above the rest. Therefore, we are happy to announce our winners in the Hear For The Holidays Story Contest.


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Stephen Flockhart - Since my stroke in 2005, I was forced to give up driving and instead started to ride a bike. My doctor advised me that wearing hearing aids while riding would make this activity much safer to do. Soon thereafter, I discovered Advanced Affordable Hearing. Up until that point, the expensive hearing aids I had worn never quite left me satisfied. However, the hearing aids I purchased from Advanced Affordable made me realize that what you pay isn't as important as how something works. Not only do my new hearing aids help me hear more clearly, but the great service from the folks that helped me was tremendous as well. My life has changed 100% and when I take my bike out to the store I hear everything around me and that makes me feel much safer. In conclusion, I would like to extend a special thanks to the staff at Advanced Affordable Hearing for a job well done taking care of my problem and wish you much success in the future.

Charles Parker - When I lost my $3500 hearing aids, I was at a loss because my insurance wouldn't cover the loss and since I am on fixed income, I couldn't afford another set. So I went back to the daily struggle of trying to hear what was happening around me - and it just didn't work. For example, the TV was just too loud for my wife and I to have a normal conversation with out yelling at each other. Life was stressful. Then I saw the ad for Advance Affordable Hearing Aids on Facebook. Their prices were affordable and the people I spoke with were very helpful when I called. I am happy to say that my wife and I are both pleased with my new hearing aids. Now I have to remind people not to shout! LIFE IS GOOD and I think my new hearing aids are better than the more expensive $3500 set.