May is Better Hearing and Speech Month! Learn About Communication at Work

Hearing loss can make things difficult in the workplace, but hearing aids can help!


During Better Hearing and Speech Month each year, organizations and individuals try to raise awareness for communication disorders and hearing health issues. The theme of Better Hearing and Speech Month changes every year. This May, the theme is Communication at Work.

We provide hearing aids to people with hearing loss every day, so we know how important communication is in maintaining your relationships and your quality of life. To help you in navigating your hearing problems, we provide informative articles on various subjects, including how to hear better in the workplace!

Check out our articles below to learn more about how you can better communicate during work hours:

1) Hearing Loss and the Workplace

Learn the keys to workplace success for people with hearing loss!

2) Three Ways to Overcome Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Do you think your hearing loss is hurting you in the workplace? We have a list of helpful tips for you.

3) Hearing Loss and Work: Do You Have the Right Tools to Help?

Find out what tools can help you hear more clearly at work!

4) Hearing Loss and Work: Is Your Employer Helping?

How can your employer help you manage your hearing problems? Find out how to address hearing loss with your supervisor or manager.

5) Hearing Loss and Work: Applying for a Job and Your Rights

If you have hearing problems and you're searching for a new job, you should know your rights!

We want you to have the best hearing experience possible, which is why we provide these informative articles! If you have further questions about hearing problems or hearing aids, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Advanced Affordable Hearing team at 1 (800) 804-0434.

In addition, for Better Hearing and Speech Month resources, visit the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association website


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