What are the Best Hearing Aid Supplies to Have?

hearing aid supplies make your life with hearing aids easier


Hearing aid supplies aren't limited to hearing aid batteries. You can purchase a variety of hearing aid accessories that make your life with hearing loss—and hearing devices—easier!   

Nothing kills electronics faster than moisture, and hearing aids are no exception. Even inexpensive hearing aids can cost you hundreds of dollars to replace.

A hearing aid Dry Aid Jar is an inexpensive tool for helping to keep your hearing devices dry. In doing so, the jar extends the life of your devices.

Dry Aid Jars work by absorbing moisture from your devices, keeping the electronics inside as dry as possible. Simply put your hearing aids in the Dry Aid Jar before you go to bed and let the jar work its magic overnight.

The Dry Aid Jar works with Behind-the-Ear (BTE) and In-the-Ear (ITE) hearing aids.

The Electronic Dryer Dehumidifier works on the same principle, absorbing moisture from the interior of your hearing aids. You can use the Electronic Dryer Dehumidifier with any device. These boxes are ideal when you live in environments where it’s difficult to avoid moisture, like high humidity areas.  

Maintaining your hearing aids is important. If you don’t keep your hearing aid tubes and domes clean and clear of ear wax, they will become clogged, reducing sound quality. If they become too clogged, they may not work at all.

Fortunately, hearing aids are simple enough to clean and our hearing aids come with all the maintenance tools you need to keep your hearing device in working order.

However, if you want more than the basic gear, the Jodi-Elite Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner is convenient, easy to use, and comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. You can use this device to vacuum ear wax and debris right out of your hearing aid tubes and off of the domes!  

To make cleaning your hearing aids even simpler, clean your ears in addition to your devices. You can use an Ear Wax Removal System to make this process smoother.

The solution included in the removal system softens ear wax, making for easier removal, and the included irrigation bulb can be used to rinse out your ear canal, for a thorough, medically approved cleaning.  

Healthy ears are good for you and for your hearing devices. MiraCell is a blend of highly concentrated natural plant extracts. The solution, which is proven, safe, and all-natural, can be used in your ears to help keep them clean and healthy.

MiraCell has mild antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-yeast properties, and like the solution included in the Ear Wax Removal System, it softens ear wax for easier removal.

Healthy, clean ears are less likely to cause you discomfort, including when you wear hearing devices.   

5) Spare Tubes and Domes

As mentioned above, tubes and domes need regular cleaning if you want to keep your hearing aids at top performance. However, in addition to cleaning, tubes and domes will also need to be replaced at intervals—generally every 2 to 3 months.

Unfortunately, people sometimes don’t replace their tubes and domes as often as they should, which means they are not getting optimal performance out of their devices.

Since replacing your tubes and domes is regular maintenance for any hearing aid owner, it is always a good idea to keep spare tubes and domes on hand. That way, you can change them when appropriate without having to go through the hassle of ordering new ones and waiting on them to arrive.

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