Are More Expensive Hearing Aids Really Better Quality?

Many agree that on the whole, hearing aids are expensive. At Advanced Hearing, we are dedicated to making sure that high quality hearing aids are available for the hard of hearing at more reasonable prices.

But why can some products be more or less expensive than another, but yet offer the same quality?

Many studies show that shoppers tend to make buying decisions based on how much they perceive it to be quality. Of course, the quality of a hearing aid is absolutely crucial. Often, the price of a product can be sign of quality.

However, price is becoming less and less important in defining the quality of a product, and for good reason. Making the connection between high prices and quality isn’t necessarily based on truth, but rather, it is a perception.

Luckily, consumers are becoming savvier and are able to know the quality of products, such as hearing aids, without relying on price. Shoppers can now shop online, with the increase in online shopping encouraging online customer reviews and price comparison for like-for-life products.

The great news is that because a higher price no longer indicates higher quality, and as a result, we are able to innovate and discover ways to provide high quality hearing aids at lower prices. As technology develops at ever faster rates, we are able to find ways to reduce the price, whilst still providing you with the high quality of haring experience and reliability that you expect, along with functions and usability such as Bluetooth. As products are developed, the appearance of hearing aids can also improve without the necessity to increase the price.

So how can you be sure of the quality of the hearing aids you are looking to buy?

  • Understand the technology that drives down the cost of hearing aids. Hearing aids require a good quality DSP (also known as a Digital Signal Processor). This is the technology inside the hearing aid that converts incoming sounds, which allows you to hear what is going on. It’s the most crucial part of the hearing aid. Luckily, innovation has transformed the way a quality DSP has been manufactured, which can help to decrease the cost without compromising quality.
  • Ensure that there is a money back guarantee and test the hearing aid yourself. A money back guarantee can be a good sign of quality- it shows that the brand believes in the quality of their product. You can test the quality of your hearing aid yourself, by experiencing how it feels and how it works for your own, personal needs.
  • Make sure that it’s tailored to your personal needs. Hearing aids aren’t all equal for all people. What you need from your hearing aid will be different from the next person, so do your own research.
  • Compare features and quality like-for-like. By being able to test your hearing aid yourself, you can compare how it may stand up against hearing aids that may cost more. You may just find that, thanks to technological innovations, there’s really no difference in quality and usability between the more expensive and least costly hearing aid.