The Problem With Buying/Selling Used Hearing Aids

Another question we get asked quite frequently is if we buy or sell used hearing aids. The short answer is no but it is not as simple as a one-word answer. Hearing aids can be expensive. Real expensive. One pair of top of the line hearing aids can go for $6000 or more. That is a pretty heavy investment for anyone. For one reason or another, there are times when hearing aid owners are looking to sell their expensive used hearing aids. Here is the problem with it. Most hearing aid manufacturers do not allow the transfer of their warranty from the original owner to someone else. This makes it a risky proposition for the buyer as they are purchasing an item with no guarantee. There is an awful lot of risk when you are paying good money for a hearing aid.

There is also an issue of finding an audiologist to work on used hearing aids. Most providers of hearing aids only work on devices they sell or that have a warranty through the manufacturer. The used hearing aid you buy is programmed for the individual that originally purchased the device. Odds are that whoever had the hearing aid first did not have the exact same hearing deficiency as the person who is buying it. Having a device that is not optimized for a specific hearing loss is far from an ideal situation. It can even have a negative effect.

For those looking to sell used hearing aids, there really is not an effective channel for doing it. We get emails and call all the time asking if we buy used hearing aids and we have to decline each time. Our only suggestion is to try eBay or a site like it. It is not a great solution for anyone but if you absolutely have to sell an aid, online auctions are about your only choice.

Our suggestion is to always purchase a hearing aid you can afford. If you can't afford the price your audiologist is quoting you, don't buy it. All of our hearing aids at Advanced Affordable Hearing are under $300 with a full 30-day money back guarantee. Always stay within your budget when buying hearing aids so you are never in the position of having to sell them. There are great options available that will not break the bank. Keep that in mind when you are quoted $3000 per ear from your local hearing center.

If you are looking for a more affordable option please explore our list of refurbished hearing aids!

As always we are happy to answer questions via phone, email, and chat! Our goal is to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied before, during, and after the purchase. Thanks for stopping by!