Should I Buy Used Hearing Aids?

Man Trying to Figure Out if He Should Sell His Used Hearing Aids


We do not advise that you buy used hearing aids. Since hearing aids can be expensive, often $6,000 or more, it may be tempting to purchase a used pair. However, there are several problems with purchasing used hearing aids.

Having been in the hearing aid industry for over 25 years, Advanced Affordable Hearing is frequently asked if we buy or sell used hearing aids. While we do sell some refurbished products, these are lightly used and have been reconditioned to appear almost indistinguishable from new hearing aids.

That being said, we do not buy used hearing aids from our customers. Although there are times when hearing aid owners are looking to sell their expensive used hearing aids, we don't like to get involved with it, and here’s why.

The Problem with Buying Used Hearing Aids

Here’s the problem: Most hearing aid manufacturers don't allow the transfer of their warranty from the original owner to someone else. This makes it a risky proposition for the buyer, as they are purchasing an item with no guarantee. This creates an awful lot of risk, since you're still likely spending a good amount of money for that hearing aid.

In addition, you may have trouble finding an audiologist willing to work on your newly acquired device. Most hearing aid providers only work on devices they sell or that have a warranty through the manufacturer. The used hearing aid was programmed for the individual who originally purchased the device, and odds are that whoever had the hearing aid first did not have the exact same hearing loss as you.

Having a device that is not optimized for a specific hearing loss is far from an ideal situation. In fact, using a device that isn’t appropriate for your specific hearing loss may negatively impact your hearing, which you don't need with your pre-existing hearing loss.

Can You Sell Used Hearing Aids?

If you are looking to sell used hearing aids, there really isn’t an effective channel for doing so. We get emails and calls all the time asking if we buy used hearing aids, and we have to decline each time.

Our only suggestion is to try eBay or a site like it. It is not a great solution, but if you absolutely have to sell an aid, online auctions are about your only choice.

Purchase Affordable Hearing Aids Instead

Our suggestion is to always purchase a hearing aid you can afford. If you can't afford the price your audiologist is quoting you, don't buy it. Staying within your budget when buying hearing aids will prevent you from ending up in the position of having to sell them.

There are great options available that will not break the bankkeep that in mind when you are quoted $3000 per ear at your local hearing center.

For a more affordable option, see our refurbished hearing aids!

Here at Advanced Affordable Hearing, our mission is to help people like you to hear at a price you can afford. We make that possible by offering hearing aids at a fraction of the cost of your local hearing aid provider: All of our hearing aids are under $300 with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

To start your journey to hearing better today, contact us now.


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