What Are The Best Hearing Aids?

What Are The Best Hearing Aids?

When we look through our monthly reports on what terms people Google to find us one of the most common phrases is, "What are the best hearing aid?". On the surface it may seem like a very simple question to answer. In reality the answer is much more complicated. In short, the best hearing aid is the one that matches your specific need and budget. If you go to an audiologist or hearing center they will test you and tell you the best hearing aid for you might be $3000 per ear. While that may be a great hearing aid for your need, if your budget does not allow it than it is not the "best" hearing aid for you.

As with all things there is a sweet spot where an individuals budget crosses with their need. Hearing aids are no different. The market has for years been giving the consumer a bad deal. Most name brand hearing aids cost more than a 70" flat screen TV. The profit margin that the audiologist builds into their price is so high that most people cannot afford hearing aids. More people make the decision to not buy hearing aids than they do to spend several thousand dollars on one. That is both unfair and unhealthy.

Our hearing aids are all priced under $300. They are FDA approved devices that pass rigorous tests to officially be called hearing aids. Many companies offer Personal Sound Amplifiers (which are not by name or law actual hearing aids) that are very inexpensive. I have seen PSAP's for under $20.00. If your budget is only $20.00 this might be the only option available to you. Our goal has always been to offer affordable hearing aids that match a variety of different hearing losses where the customers budget and need intersect. That is what our expertise. We stand behind every product we sell 100%.

Let us help you match your need with your budget and find the best hearing aid for you!

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