What To Do Once You Receive Your New Hearing Aids

Please allow at least 2 weeks time for your ears and brain to adjust to hearing through your new hearing aids! Depending on how long you have had issues with your hearing, your brain will take time to learn to "hear" again. This adjustment period is perfectly normal as you slowly become accustomed to your new found improvement in hearing! Here are some additional tips to help you get the most out of your hearing aid:

1) Now that you have a hearing aid you will want to make sure to replace your tubes and domes every 6 months. This maintenance will help keep your hearing aid running at optimum performance for years to come. If you decide to purchase them from us (which you should!) you can locate them through these links: Tubes or Domes

2) Depending on the model of your hearing aid, you should expect to get 2 - 5 days of usage out of one battery factoring in a 12 hour day of wearing them. If you wear them more than 12 hours or less than 12 hours that number can increase or decrease accordingly. If you choose to purchase them from us at our highly discounted prices, you can locate our selection of batteries here: Batteries

3) We carry a large assortment of hearing aid accessories that can be purchased from our website at Accessories . These accessories include Bluetooth Devices, Remote Controls, and Wax Guards. If you have any questions regarding accessories we are always happy to help. You can contact us on our toll-free number at 1-800-804-0434 or by using the contact form below.