Holiday Gift Promotion

At Advanced Affordable Hearing, we specialize in helping people hear better at an affordable price. We believe that the best hearing aid solution does not have to be the most expensive one, but rather one that fits your lifestyle, your hearing loss challenges and of course, your wallet.

During this holiday season our goal is to help as many people as possible with the Gift Of Hearing - so that they too can enjoy their families and precious memories without struggling to hear what is happening around them. For those with hearing loss, opening the door to the world of hearing aids - can be an exciting and very happy time and we are proud to play a part in that.

We invite you to experience the difference that Advanced Affordable Hearing can make in your life!

Santa's Holiday Gift Promotion

Santa has left the building, but not without putting something special under your tree!

The first 100 people who purchase a hearing aid with this promotion before January 6, 2017 will get a FREE $25 Gift Certificate towards their next purchase from Advanced Affordable Hearing.

Use Coupon Code "HOHO16"at checkout for your free gift certificate!

NOTE: A paper copy of your gift certificate will be mailed to you along with your hearing aid and it will contain instructions for use.

 Get Started By Choosing The Right Hearing Aid For You

Not sure which hearing aid is right for you?

That's not a problem because we have created an easy to follow Online Hearing Check that will help guide you towards which HearClear brand hearing aid might work best for your situation.

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Look At Suggestions to Spend Your $25 Gift Certificate

In order to keep your hearing aids in working with optimal performance, we suggest changing Tubes and Domes every 3 months. Batteries will usually last 2-3 weeks. When the time comes to order these replacement items, come back and visit us and remember that the first $25 you spend will be paid for by your gift voucher.