Why Are There Differences in Hearing Aid Prices?

Hearing aids range in price from as low as $10 in some places all the way up to $8,000 if you go locally to a provider. The difference in prices is due to cost to seller as well features and models of the hearing aid.

A very low priced hearing aid will only be able to amplify basic sounds around you without any regard to background noise or other distractions. A more expensive hearing aid will take into consideration your personal hearing loss and personal preferences to what you hear. The hearing aids are programmed to your individual hearing loss.

Local providers tend to charge higher prices because they have the cost of running a brick and mortar location. With the prices of rent, staff, and making their own high income, these prices get passed down to the customer. On top of that, manufacturers put a significant amount of money into research and development which drive the cost of the hearing aid up to the individual providers.

Which price hearing aid should I buy?

You should purchase a hearing aid that will work best for your hearing loss. If you have a minimal hearing loss, a basic amplifier will be able to assist you in hearing a little bit more clearly. We offer a personal sound amplifier located here: http://www.advancedhearing.com/node/164.

However, if you notice you have issues with women’s and children’s voices or tend to not hear well in noisy environments, you will probably want a hearing aid with more features. Features to limit background noise or increase high frequency sounds so that you will be able to hear the sounds you were missing before. The HC12 is a fantastic hearing aid with adjustments for mild to moderate hearing loss: http://www.advancedhearing.com/hearing-aids/hear-clear-hc12-digital-open...

It’s important to not only look at price, but also take into consideration your hearing loss & lifestyle. If you have a more severe hearing loss, a basic amplifier will only make you more frustrated. You need to know which sounds you aren’t hearing and what you have trouble with in order for us to make a good recommendation for you.

How can your hearing aids be priced so low?

Advanced Hearing offers hearing aids that have many of the features of more expensive hearing aids, but we take out many of the unnecessary features that don’t contribute towards you hearing better. For example, many more expensive hearing aids add in Bluetooth features or special remote features that increase the cost.

If you need a hearing aid only to hear clearly, then our prices will better allow you to hear the sounds you were missing and still save thousands in this down economy.

Our hearing aids can help for you to hear better without any extra accessories that will drive the cost up. Many of our customers have compared the quality of our hearing aids to those of other top brands they have purchased.