About Audiograms


Do you think you have hearing loss and may need hearing aids?

Get a hearing test and find out. Here is how you do it!!
What's a audiogram?? An audiogram is the test results you receive when you take a hearing test. A very highly calibrated machine that produces sound at the pitches associated with human speech, called an audiometer, is hooked up to a pair of headphones that you wear. The person giving the test will chart the volume level at which you detect each pitch or tone across the frequency range where human speech takes place.
After the hearing test the person giving the test will usually go over it with and show you how your hearing compares with what is considered normal hearing. It is a very simple test much like the way we get our eyes tested - no studying required!

Where can I get a hearing test??


You can get your hearing tested free or for very little cost at any hearing aid dispenser or audiologist. Check the yellow pages under Hearing Aids. Make sure you ask for a copy of the hearing test results, your audiogram, when setting up the appointment.
At Advanced Hearing we will be glad to give you a second opinion on your hearing for free. We will tell you if you need hearing aids, which type of hearing aids will help you, and the cost of those hearing aids. There is no charge for our consultation.

The links below will give you the information you need to evaluate your audiogram.
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