The HearClear HCRD - A Hearing Aid Designed by Our Customers

Introducing the HearClear HCRD - a hearing aid designed by our customers


You Asked. We Listened.

More power. Easier volume control. A simple charging method. Improved background noise control.

We asked our customers what was important to them in a rechargeable hearing aid and based on the responses we received, we created our new, most advanced hearing aid yet.

Introducing the HearClear HCRD Rechargeable Hearing Aid.

As the best hearing aid in our family of rechargeable devices, the HCRD makes your life easier with these great benefits:

  • An improved sound processor, which will provide more power, more clarity, and better word recognition, giving you an excellent hearing experience
  • Instead of charging with a cable, the HCRD comes with an amazingly convenient charging station, making charging effortless even for those who have trouble manipulating small devices
  • A hassle-free hearing experience you'll appreciate, including a user-friendly volume control wheel that makes your volume adjustments quick and easy

And if that wasn't enough, we've also addressed background noise by adding directional microphone technology to the HCRD.

Directional microphone technology is designed specifically to help with conversations in noisy environments. In the hearing aid world, this is truly a gamechanger. 

What is Directional Hearing? 

Directional hearing localizes sound, making it possible for us to identify where a sound is coming from. This becomes very important in noisy environments because your hearing needs to be able to focus on the important sounds while filtering out the ones you don’t want to hear.

For example, if you’re in a restaurant and you’re talking to a friend, you want to be able to hear your friend’s voice, while filtering out the sounds of silverware clanking or other diners chatting as much as possible. 

Why is Directional Microphone Technology Important? 

If a hearing aid simply makes sounds louder, you will increase all those other intrusive sounds along with the sound of your friend’s voice.

Directional microphone technology provides a targeted hearing experiencing, reducing background noise so you can better focus on what’s important in noisy environments—in this situation, your friend’s voice!

For a detailed explanation of how directional microphones help you hear better, read our article: How Do Directional Microphones Make It Easier to Hear Speech?  

Why Should I Choose the HCRD? 

The HCRD Rechargeable Hearing Aid was designed with feedback from people just like you, and the device’s plentiful 5-star reviews show how much our customers are loving the new hearing aid they helped us design!

We will let our customers speak for themselves: 


Bill S. 5 Star Review


Alice O. 5 Star review 

Order your HCRD Rechargeable Hearing Aid today and experience the difference it can make in your ability to hear.

If you have questions about our new HCRD Rechargeable Hearing Aid or if you would prefer to order your new hearing aids over the phone, don’t hesitate to give our Advanced Affordable Hearing Team a call at 1 (800) 804-0434. 


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