Need More Power? Power Upgrade for Hearing Aids Explained

When your hearing aid is shipped to you from Advanced Affordable Hearing, it is sent with standard thin tubing already attached for your convenience. However, if you have a high-level hearing loss, the standard thin tube may not be suitable for your specific hearing loss or situation. You may need more power.

Power upgrades are recommended for people with more severe levels of hearing loss. And the upgrade earhook and tubing can be attached to most of our hearing aids, including the HCGO, the HCR3, the HCRD, and the HC206.

A power upgrade is a thick tube that attaches to your hearing aid in place of the standard thin tube you would regularly use. This thicker tube creates stronger volume, which can help you hear better than you would with a thin tube - which is especially important if you have a higher-level loss.

If you need improved performance out of your hearing aid, consider wearing a power upgrade with your hearing aid for better volume and stronger hearing experience!

Watch the video below for more information on the power upgrade and how it works to help you! 



You can click here to read instructions on how the upgrade attaches to your hearing aid and watch a short video that shows the process. It is very easy. Simply remove the standard thin tubing by twisting the tubing off of the hearing aid then attach the earhook to the device in place of the thin tube, screwing the earhook onto the device until it fits snugly and lines up correctly.

Finally, choose the dome (a range of sizes are included in the packet) that is most comfortable for you. Attach the chosen dome to the thick tubing and attach the thick tubing to the earhook. And your hearing aid - complete with a power upgrade - is ready to wear!

If you find the tubing is too long for comfortable wear on your ear, you can trim the tube (a little at a time) until it fits your ear comfortably.

If you have questions about attaching a power upgrade to your hearing aid or if you are wondering whether or not you need to wear a power upgrade with your hearing device, give us a call at 1 (800) 804-0434!


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