How To Attach An Earhook And Thick Tube To A Hearing Aid

How To Attach An Earhook And Thick Tube To A Hearing Aid


An earhook and thick tube combination are often used when a hearing aid needs to deliver more sound to the ear than the typical standard thin tube can produce. The logic is simple: The thick tubes have a greater diameter of tube available, which allows more sound to transmit to the ear. The earhook is simply an adapter that allows for the thicker tube to connect with the hearing aid.

On several of the HearClear brand hearing aid models, there is an option to add a Power Upgrade Package for cases when the user needs just a little bit more power, or amplified sound. This package consists of an earhook, a thicker tube and a closed dome. In some cases, a custom earmold may be used instead of a closed dome on the end of the thick tube that is inserted into the ear.

Attach Your Hearing Aid Parts

Here are the steps involved in attaching the earhook/thick tube combination.

  1. Choose the suitable earmold or dome and attach to the “in your ear” side of the tube.
  2. Attach the larger, female thread of the earhook adapter to the male thread at the top of the hearing aid, and screw in firmly.
  3. Place the hearing aid behind your ear with the earhook positioned on the top of your ear and let the hearing aid hang loosely. The open end of the earhook should now be near the opening to your ear canal.
  4. Insert the dome or earmold with tube attached comfortably into the ear canal.
  5. Note where the tube and earhook intersect each other outside of your ear at a comfortable length. Ideally, this means keeping the earhook snug, but not tight to the top of your ear and making sure the tube extends upwards toward the top of your ear, not away from your ear. Mark this spot on the tube, and then, add 1/8” extra tube length from this spot to allow for overlap onto the earhook when attaching.
  6. Cut the tube at this spot.
  7. Remove both pieces from your ear, and attach the tube to the earhook by inserting the small end of the earhook into the open end of the tube until tight
  8. The hearing aid is now ready to wear.

Put on Your Hearing Aid

  1. Hold the earmold/dome by the outer side near the tubing. Insert the tip of the earmold/dome into the ear canal gently. Then softly press the earmold/dome into place.
  2. Carefully place the BTE body behind your ear with the earhook and tube wrapped over the top.

earmold instructions

NOTE: Before placing the earmold/dome into your ear canal, ensure that the battery is inserted properly and that the battery door is closed. Also, make sure the volume control is set to 0 or the lowest setting before inserting the earmold/dome.

If you have purchased the Power Upgrade Kit watch the video below for assembly instructions.

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