5 Reasons Not to be Scared of Hearing Aids

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It’s October, and Halloween is right around the corner! While it might be a spooky time of year, filled with haunted houses and scary movies, there’s one thing you don’t need to be afraid of: hearing aids.

Here are 5 reasons why you should overcome your fear of hearing aids this Halloween.

#1) Hearing aids are for people of all ages.

Most people become leery of buying hearing aids because they associate them with aging. While age-related hearing loss accounts for a most cases of hearing loss, people of all ages have hearing loss.

Did you know that 15% of American adults (37 million people) have hearing loss? But adults aren’t the only ones affected: 2 to 3 out of every 1,000 children born in the U.S. are born with detectable hearing loss. From children to adults with hearing loss, most would benefit from hearing aids.

Important note: Keep in mind that while adults do not necessarily need to see an audiologist to have hearing aids prescribed, that is not the case with children. Because their bodies are still developing, it is best to have a doctor involved whenever children need hearing aids.  

#2) Some of your favorite celebrities wear hearing aids too.

Many celebrities are sporting hearing aids these days, especially musicians. Musicians are especially likely to need hearing aids because they are 4 times as likely  to acquire hearing loss than non-musicians.

Some well-known figures who wear hearing aids include: Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Rob Lowe, and Bill Clinton. Celebrities are typically the trendsetters, and if they’re wearing hearing aids, why shouldn’t you?

#3) Hearing aid technology is better than ever.

Just like computers and smartphones are getting better, so are hearing aids! With advanced technology, hearing aids now allow you to hear better, enjoy a broader range of features, and wear a more discreet device. In fact, hearing aids are so tiny now, they’re hardly visible.  

For instance, the HCEQ hearing aid allows you to make fine-tuned adjustments to your hearing experience via an app on your smartphone! Not only does that mean you no longer have to fool around with tiny program buttons, but you can create a hearing experience custom to you.

#4) You have a trial period.

It can be difficult to consider buying hearing aids when you know they typically cost quite a bit of money, and they may not even work for you. The good news is that some hearing aids come with a risk free trial period.

Advanced Affordable Hearing, for example, offers a risk free 30-day trial with a 100% money-back guarantee. That means, when you receive your hearing aids, you have an entire month to try them out. If you’re not fully satisfied, you can send them back and receive a full refund.

#5) There are inexpensive options.

One of the main reasons people become fearful of purchasing hearing aids is cost. If you visit an audiologist, he is likely to conduct a hearing test, which is often around $100 alone, and then offer his best selection of hearing aids, which cost another several thousand dollars.

Instead, consider purchasing your hearing aids online. Since 1996, Advanced Affordable Hearing has provided affordable hearing aids to people like you. Our choices start with simple basic hearing aids, like the HC206 Budget Hearing Aid for a mere $149 per aid.

To get started, simply visit our Online Hearing Check, or call one of our friendly customer service representatives at 1 (800) 804-0434. Using the hearing check, you can get a general sense of your level of hearing loss, and then, you’ll be able to select the perfect hearing aids for you!

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