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One of the best parts of shopping online is that you can see what other customers have to say about the products you’re interested in. When it comes to shopping for items that will play a significant role in your life, like hearing aids, reading customer reviews becomes all the more important.

That’s why we allow our customers to provide feedback on our products. With the help of those reviews, you can become a more informed consumer and increase your chances of selecting the right hearing aid.

At Advanced Affordable Hearing, we have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from our customers. So you can easily browse through some of the feedback on each of our products, we’ve compiled a handful of reviews to go along with each of our hearing aids, all in one place. 

HearClear HCX Digital Hearing Aid

One of our top-selling hearing aids, the HCX Digital Hearing Aid is small but a powerful device for a low price. From noise-induced hearing loss to genetic hearing loss, the HCX has helped customers with a variety of hearing losses to hear better.

HCX Hearing Aid

"My hearing loss in the high range was identified after service in Vietnam, worse with my age and in noisy locations. The HCX helps a lot, and my wife likes the difference. Thanks.” James M., 5 stars

“These are the first hearing aids I have ever used. In the eight days I have worn them, I have discovered a world of sound that I had forgotten existed. I am totally satisfied with the two HCX’s.” Robert H., 5 stars

“I have nerve deafness, inherited from my mother’s side of the family. I was very dubious about using an aid and never thought they would help. I ordered the HCX out of desperation after looking into very, very expensive units. The moment I install my HCX, my life changed. I heard sounds I have not heard in years...I recommend these devices highly.” Michael B., 5 stars

HearClear HCR3 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The third generation of our rechargeable device, the HCR3 Rechargeable Hearing Aid brings together the power of the HCX and the rechargeable convenience of the HCR2. Our customers have expressed satisfaction with no longer having to use traditional batteries to saving thousands of dollars.

HCR3 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

“I am very happy with my hearing aids. My other ones cost over $4,000 dollars, and I like these much better. I also appreciate the emails I have received with more information about the hearing aids. Thanks so much!” Kyle M., 5 stars

“...After years of buying batteries, I couldn’t go there for myself. I thought this to be the way to go. From the moment I put the aids in, there was an improvement. Yes, it takes a little time for your ears to adjust, but not long...These aids really do work.” Darrell C., 5 stars

“They work as well as the $5,000 hearing aids I bought, one of which fell apart while being removed from my ear. I am a satisfied customer.” --Jack K., 5 stars

HearClear HCEQ BTE Hearing Aid

Thanks to BlueTooth technology, the HCEQ Hearing Aid allows you adjust your hearing aids with an app, anytime and anywhere. In addition to hearing things they haven’t heard in years, customers have been happy with the convenience of making adjustments using their smartphones.

HCEQ Hearing Aid

“As of today, I really like my HCEQ aids. My hearing is very different in each ear, and I find these aids easier to control the sound in my ears. The iPhone control is great once you get used to using it. I surely would recommend these aids to anyone looking for a quality aid at a reasonable price.” Peggy L., 5 stars

“These work better than my previous expensive receiver in-ear hearing aids ever did. I am hearing sounds now that I have not heard for 20 years.” Don K., 5 stars

“I have tried these for a month now and have been very satisfied with the benefits they have provided me, like using the app to control the frequency bandwidth of each ear, the volume of each ear, changing the pre-programmed environment settings, seeing the battery level, and being able to turn the hearing aids on and off using the app without removing the batteries. I finally found some hearing aids that meet my needs and that do not cost thousands and have to depend on someone to make adjustments.” Jim F., 5 stars

HearClear HC64 High Power Hearing Aid

For those with severe to profound hearing losses, the HearClear HC64 High Power Hearing Aid can offer your hearing the boost it needs. Customers have found that the HC64 helps to accommodate their more significant hearing loss, while costing them less.

HC64 Hearing Aid

“The HC64 is exactly what was needed to help with my hearing issue. Great product for the price.” Tyese K., 5 stars

“The hearing aid I purchased has helped me dramatically to hear better. A lot better than the $6,000.00 [hearing aid] the ENT recommended. Thank you!” Sandra A., 5 stars

“The HC64 is a great product that really helps me hear. I have tried many very well known brand name competitors--costing 3x to 10x more and the HC64 is far better. I recommend it without reservation. And if you don’t like it, exchange it or return it. (I actually bought a different model and exchanged it for the HC64 and it was no problem). Good luck!! Hearing is so important.” Jack B., 5 stars

HearClear HCZ3 Digital Hearing Aid

For those with slightly less significant hearing loss, the HearClear HCZ3 Digital Hearing Aid provides the powerful features you need to hear better but enough simplicity to make adjusting your settings easy. Customers have noted that, while an inexpensive aid, it offers the same power as some higher priced units.

HCZ3 Hearing Aid

“I have severe hearing loss, and when one of my unitron Quantums died for the second time in under a year, and the repair costs were high, I decided to try the HCZ3. It is performed just a well without the bells and whistles, which are not needed.” John G, 5 stars

“Should have gotten these HCZ3 a long time ago. Better than my old 5,000 dollar Resound. Excellent people to deal with. Highly recommend.” Robert H., 5 stars

“Just by chance, I saw your aid in a magazine I borrowed from a friend and thought I’d give you a try. The HCZ3 was a tiny bit larger than my old one but worked even better and had more adjustability as well. I’m very happy with it...Thanks for a great product.” Charles C., 5 stars

HearClear HC206 Digital Hearing Aid

If you’re on a tight budget and have very mild hearing loss, the HearClear HC206 Digital Hearing Aid is for you. Only $149 per aid, the HC206 offers the everyday noise reduction you need to get through the day. For many folks, the HC206 offers the hearing boost they need and for less than $400 for a pair!

HC206 Hearing Aid

“...so I purchased the HC206 for my left ear only. All I can say is, ‘It really works!’ I can hear my co-workers with no problems, and as I work in retail, I can carry on a conversation without asking people to repeat themselves. ” Craig S., 5 stars

“I am impressed with the HC206 performance. These are my first hearing aids. I purchased these to see if: 1) they would help, 2) I would actually use them, 3) if they would actually reduce background noise, 4) could I afford buying batteries. I will give 4 yesses! Great product with great service thus far…” Kevin B., 5 stars

“I had two Pro hearing aids from MD Hearing aid. One died, so I bought the HC206 as a replacement...As everyone else says, the upgrade boosts the volume on the hearing aid. The result is very comparable to the Pro hearing aid ($299) it replaced. So for $135, I got hearing aid which totally replaces a $299 hearing aid.” Demos L., 5 stars

HearClear HC12 Digital Hear Aid

The HearClear HC12 Digital Hearing Aid provides you the comfort necessary for wearing it throughout the day, while fitting so snuggly behind your ear that they’re barely noticeable. Just as with our other products, customers have noted that the HC12’s quality is comparable to that of pricier aids.  

HC12 Hearing Aid

“We purchased the HC12 model because of the adjustment nature. Service and shipping were very speedy. After a week’s trial, my wife is very happy with the performance of this unit, although she says sometimes it works too well. I am constantly having to turn down the volume on the TV. In summary, knowing how well this works, I would recommend Advanced Hearing Aids for anyone needing hearing aids.” Richard W., 5 stars

“Initially, I was skeptical that a hearing aid under $1000 could work as well as my old Phonak pair. I was pleasantly surprised! Thank you for great service.” Steve C., 5 stars

“Great value. I replaced my $2,000 Siemens with an HC12 last week, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Advanced Affordable Hearing!” Earl M., 5 stars

Important note: These reviews have been edited for punctuation, grammar, and typos in order to improve clarity.


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