When Should You Replace Your Hearing Aids?


When you purchase hearing aids, and finally regain control over your hearing, you might hope they will work forever. Unfortunately, like most things, your hearing aids won’t last forever, and at some point, they will need to be replaced.

Here are some of the reasons you might need to replace your hearing aids.

Your lifestyle has changed.

Perhaps when you purchased your first pair of hearing aids, you spend most of your time in quieter environments, with little background noise. But now, you find yourself in situations where there is more noise. In this case, your hearing aids may no longer be able fulfill the needs of your lifestyle. It might be time to upgrade to higher power hearing aids.

Your hearing loss has changed.

Some forms of hearing loss may not fluctuate significantly. However, degenerative forms, like age-related hearing loss, will grow worse over time. Maybe you visited our Online Hearing Check. Perhaps you originally identified your hearing loss as ‘noticeable to significant,’ but now it may be ‘significant to severe.’ In that case, you may benefit from a power upgrade, if not a new pair of hearing aids altogether.

Your hearing aids haven’t been maintained.

Just like a car, if you keep up on the maintenance, your hearing aids will last you for years to come. Conversely, if you fail to maintain your hearing aids, they will likely have a shorter life. For the best, and longest lasting, hearing experience, we always urge our customers to clean their hearing aids regularly. Changing tubes and domes at least 1 every 3 months is also recommended. Take a look at our YouTube video on how to clean the tubes of your hearing aids for more details.

Your hearing aids are over 5 years old.

Generally, our products can last between 3 to 5 years. If you properly maintain your hearing aids, they will last longer, but many factors influence the life of your hearing aid. For example, if you wear your hearing aids more frequently, for longer periods of time, they will likely have a shorter life. Nevertheless, after a few years, it might be time to upgrade. Plus, a lot can happen over time and the technology available may improve drastically in that period of time.

Time for new hearing aids?

If you’re ready to purchase new hearing aids, Advanced Affordable Hearing can send a pair directly to your door for a reasonable price. Simply take a look at our Online Hearing Check, or call one of our friendly customer service representatives at 1 (800) 804-0434, and we can help you to select hearing aids appropriate for your hearing loss.

We want to help you reclaim your hearing. Contact us.

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