The High Cost of Hearing

If you have purchased hearing aids in the last few years you know how very expensive they can be. In addition to hearing loss it is often the case that you may also be suffering from other health related problems as well. The loss of hearing is often associated with depression and a feeling of social isolation. According to audiologists, one of the best ways to treat the condition is to use hearing aids. Unfortunately the cost of hearing aids are often extraordinarily high.

Hearing aids have a very good track record of reducing hearing loss and increasing the patients ability to hear things that they were previously missing. However this easy solution has one major setback. Hearing aids are expensive. Compared to other medical technological devices, the cost of hearing aids is quite expensive. Their exact price includes something called 'bundling' in the hearing aid business. This refers not just to the cost of the physical device, but also the fitting cost, maintenance, service, follow-ups, and medical consultations regardless of you needing these extras or not. These add-ons are what drive the price of the device up for you, the average consumer.

While Apple Computer can do billions in R&D and still sell an iPhone for $600, the hearing aid manufacturers often charge thousands of dollars for one hearing aid. The blame does not reside solely on the shoulders of the manufacturers though. Traditional channels of purchasing hearing aids also charge a hefty mark-up for their services (which is certainly fair practice). This creates a model where service rarely gets better due to a lack of competition between hearing centers. Look at it this way, if you need eye glasses you go to a vision center that charges you a set price for an eye test. Once the eye test is complete and you have your prescription, you are free to purchase your eye glasses from that vision center or any other business that sells eye glasses (or online for that matter). You are never locked into one provider to purchase all possible services as well as only glasses that they provide. In other words, you have freedom to do what you want as a consumer.

For many people the ability to purchase hearings aids comes down to one final point. Price. Going to a hearing center you will often be pointed in the direction of the lastest and greatest devices (that also happen to be the most expensive). Not every patient requires the latest and greatest hearing aid. Often, an affordable device is available without all of the additional services directly through an online company. In fact when budgets are tight, this is very often the best solution.

Before visiting any shop, take time to check your budget. Make sure that you already know how much money that you want to spend. Depending on your preferred styles and designs, hearing aids may costs from $1,000 to $5,000 through a hearing center. For other less expensive selections, you can call or visit a website from an online retailer to get the best hearing aid value for your dollar. You can often get an ideal one without spending large amounts of money. Knowing all of your options will make you a smart buyer and potentially save you thousands.