What Are the Main Obstacles in Purchasing Hearing Aids?

There are many reasons why people who have a hearing deficiency don't purchase hearing aids. Hopefully we can help clarify some of those obstacles and help inform you on how to tackle the issue.

  • Price - The number one reason people do not purchase hearing aids is the price. The truth is name brand hearing aids are very expensive. Often the cost for a pair of hearing aids purchased from a hearing center can be upwards of $6000.00 and more! Insurance does not often cover hearing aids. Medicare and Medicaid rarely cover the cost of a hearing device. The reality is that paying $6000 for hearing aids is just not possible for many people. Advanced Affordable Hearing takes a different angle. We offer quality adjustable hearing aids at a price that is often 90% less than a name brand device. We also warranty the products we sell. Why pay thousands when you can purchase a quality aid for under $300 each? Let us help you save money and make an informed decision on which hearing aid to purchase!
  • Education - The number two reason people hesitate on purchasing hearing aids is they just aren't educated enough on the devices to make a decision on what to buy. Hearing centers will push the qualities of hearing aids that make them the most money. Advanced Affordable Hearing wants you to purchase the right hearing aid for you. We will never push you toward a specific model for any reason aside from it being the best choice for you. We will answer any questions you have via phone, email, or chat. Our mission is to serve the customer, you.
  • Confusion - The third obstacle to purchasing a hearing aid is the confusion of it all. Technical stats like channels, db, gain, and others are thrown at you that often make very little sense to the average person. We want to help you cut through the confusion of it all and help you make the right decision for you. There is no reason to purchase a hearing aid for profound loss if you only have a high frequency deficiency. Our staff will explain it all in lay-mans terms so you know exactly what you are purchasing and that it is the correct aid for you!

If you have any questions for us please feel free to contact us!