4 Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life with Hearing Aids

Family that Improved Their Quality of Life with Hearing Aids


If you have hearing loss, you know how much it can impact your daily routine. From putting in an order at a coffee shop to carrying a conversation with your friends, everything seems to require a little bit more effort than it used to. But there is a way to diminish the challenges that accompany hearing loss: hearing aids.

But did you know that you can start improving your overall quality of life by wearing hearing aids? Here are just 4 reasons you should consider improving your life by improving your hearing.

1. You will be happier.

Hearing better might improve your mood. In fact, research has found that hearing loss can lead to depression.  Unfortunately, since hearing loss often affects people’s relationships and ability to fully participate in many social activities, those with hearing loss are at greater risk for acquiring this mental illness.

One study found that 11.4% of those with hearing loss were diagnosed with depression. Moreover, the greater the level of hearing loss, the greater the prevalence of depression was among participants. In other words, not only will hearing aids help you to hear better, but they can lift your spirits.

2. Day to day tasks will become easier.

Hearing loss can impede your ability to communicate well with others and can even negatively impact your memory. Moreover, an impaired memory will impact your ability to perform most daily tasks, from buying groceries at the grocery store to spending time with those you care about.

However, a recent study found that, for even those with mild hearing loss, hearing aids helped to improve the memory functions and speech in participants. As a result, the researchers highly suggested that individuals with hearing loss wear hearing aids, even simply to prevent issues with memory from occurring down the road.  

3. You’ll enjoy your relationships more.

Hearing loss can cause people to retreat from the relationships they once enjoyed. This is because hearing loss often causes embarrassment and frustration among those diagnosed. As a result, many seek to avoid the negative feelings associated with hearing loss by isolating themselves.

In fact, one study found that seniors with hearing loss had lower rates of mobility than those without hearing loss.The researchers suspect that the social withdrawal associated with hearing loss played a part in reducing mobility among these seniors. This suggests that, if you have hearing loss, hearing aids will help you to enjoy your relationships once again.

4. Your mind will thank you.

Your hearing affects more than your ability to communicate with others: It impacts your cognitive abilities as well. Johns Hopkins University conducted a study that discovered a link between hearing loss and dementia. Findings revealed that those with hearing loss at the onset of the study were significantly more likely to develop dementia.

The researchers felt hearing loss may lead to dementia because it often leads to cognitive overload or social isolation. By wearing hearing aids, you can not only hear better, but reduces your chances of acquiring cognitive overload, social isolation, or most importantly, dementia.

Why Wait to Improve Your Hearing?

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