Are There Cheap, Rechargeable Hearing Aids on the Market?

there are a variety of cheap, rechargeable hearing aids on the market


Products recognized for their quality, convenience, and ease-of-use often come with a hefty price tag, so you may be wondering if it’s possible to find cheap, rechargeable hearing aids on the market—hearing aids to fit your budget.

In short, yes. A variety of rechargeable, digital hearing aids are now on the market that are not only high-quality devices but are also affordable for just about any budget. With these great options, you won’t have to keep buying hearing aid batteries and replacing them!

This availability of affordable choices is largely because of companies like Advanced Affordable Hearing. We provide hearing aids straight from the manufacturer, so there's no middleman involved to increase the cost. Our goal is to make sure there are hearing aids on the market—including rechargeable devices—that can help you hear more clearly again but that are also inexpensive.

You can order your hearing aids online or you can give us a call at 1 (800) 804-0434 to discuss your choices and we’ll help you pick the best hearing device for you.

Our family of rechargeable hearing aids are all pre-programmed for the most common type of hearing loss—high-frequency hearing loss—and they come in a variety of models and with different charging options, which we've described below. We ship the hearing aids directly to your door—no visit to the doctor required. 

Our GOOD rechargeable hearing aid option.

The HearClear GO is our newest hearing aid model. It’s amazingly easy to use, comfortable, and discreet. These basic, inexpensive digital hearing aids are a great choice for people who don’t have a problem understanding conversations normally, but who struggle in loud environments or with quiet speakers.

Every HearClear GO order includes a charging station for fast, convenient charging, so you never have to fumble with tiny hearing aid batteries. After a 2-3 hour charge in the charging station, you can enjoy up to 16 hours of wear with these devices.

We recommend the GO for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

With your GO hearing aids, you’ll enjoy a lightweight, open-fit design, an easy-to-adjust volume rocker, and a simple on/off button.

Best of all, HearClear GO devices are incredibly affordable, and they are your cheapest option in our lineup of rechargeable hearing aids.  

Our BETTER rechargeable hearing aid option.

The HearClear HCR3 is a superb hearing aid. As you can see from its many 5-star reviews, it has been exceedingly popular among our customers. This device is perfect for those with notable to significant hearing loss. The HCR3 includes features like automatic noise reduction and automatic feedback cancellation.

The HCR3 is a comfortable and discreet Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid that is designed for easy use and is incredibly affordable!

This device recharges using a universal micro-USB charging port. Plug it in and reach a full charge in about 2 hours, then get up to 16 hours of wear—a full day!

The popular hearing aid features 4 program settings to suit a variety of sound environments, and you can switch between programs quickly and easily with a simple program button.

The HCR3 combines quality, clear sound and ease of use to provide you with a spectacular hearing experience. 

Our BEST rechargeable hearing aid option.

You'll be blown away by the convenience and performance of the HearClear HCRD! This premium hearing aid is not only great for those on a limited budget, it's also our go-to choice when recommending a rechargeable option to a customer with more serious levels of hearing loss.

Most appropriate for those with the noticeable to severe hearing loss, the HCRD is our highest-powered rechargeable hearing aid. However, unlike the HCR3, it charges using a charging station. Instead of plugging the hearing aids in, you can simply drop them into the charging station—as you can with the HearClear GO—and enjoy a similar full day of wear with only a 2-3 hour charge.

The HCRD features the same 4 program settings as the HCR3, which you can adjust using a push button. This device, however, has a volume control wheel rather than a volume control rocker, and it includes directional microphone technology.

Directional microphone technology is used to focus your hearing on what’s in front of you, which is very helpful when you are trying to follow conversations in noisy areas.

Imagine this: you're in a restaurant sitting across from an old friend. You're trying to catch up, but the restaurant is busy and people around you are talking loudly and laughing. Your friend is talking too, but his voice blends in with all the other noises in the restaurant. You can’t make out what he’s saying. This is where directional microphone technology saves the day! 

With your hearing targeted on what’s important to you (in this case, the friend who is speaking to you) this technology reduces background noise and makes your hearing experience clearer.

In addition, this fantastic device has a more advanced processing chip than the HCR3.

The HCRD is relatively new to our lineup, but our customers are loving it so far! Check out the reviews for the HCRD on our website, and if you have questions regarding our family of rechargeable hearing aids, don’t hesitate to reach out.

As we mentioned above, at Advanced Affordable Hearing, we’re always happy to help customers in choosing the best hearing aid for them. We help hundreds of people with questions about hearing loss and hearing aids every week!

Give us a call at 1 (800) 804-0434 and we can walk through all your choices and make recommendations for your specific situation. You can order your new hearing aids right over the phone or online and it takes only minutes!  


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